Nicole’s Flowers create bespoke arrangements and bouquets, tailor-made for that once-in-a-lifetime occasion or a very special someone. .

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Nicole's Flower

Nicole’s Flowers was born from a deep-seated love and appreciation of the beauty in Mother Nature’s gift to us – flowers. The dream is to make the experience of gifting and receiving blooms unique and magical for one and all.

Working with only the freshest handpicked blooms available, the skilled floral artists in Nicole’s Flowers’ team strive to put forth original, elegant floral designs that showcases the natural beauty of these flowers, suitable for every day and every occasion.

Trained in Korea, our team of florists specialize in the fusion style of Korean floral arrangements, which merges high fashion with urban sensibilities, and with particular attention to how flowers are best mixed and matched with inorganic aspects of a floral arrangement, like the wrapping paper and other embellishments.

Apart from the curated designs available on the online store, Nicole’s Flowers can also create bespoke arrangements and bouquets orders, tailor-made for that once-in-a-lifetime occasion or for a very special someone. Speak to us to find out more.

At Nicole’s Flower, bring your floral fantasies to life with extravagant flower bouquets in Singapore. Inspired by a deep love and appreciation for Mother Nature’s most dainty gifts, flowers are a forte of the team behind Nicole’s Flower. Our florists aspire to create memorable gifting and receiving experiences with unique and beautiful blooms.

The Nicole’s Flower team is trained in Korea and specializes in Korean fusion styles of flower arrangements and decorations. This is evident in floral combinations of high-fashion and urban sensibilities, that are creatively put together to achieve an appealing and radiant design. A delivery order service can also get the beautiful flowers to your location without too much hassle. Because of this, Nicole’s Flower is one of the premier florists available online in Singapore.

Nicole’s Flower boasts an exuberant range of floral styles that will suit a variety of preferences. Below are some of these alluring collections, with decorations that are perfect for any occasion.

The pretty and delicate pastel pink is an excellent choice for a feminine and girly gift. Soft shades like rose mauve, fuchsia, rouge, and blush, are perfect accompaniments to darker shades of pinks, like magenta, amaranth and cherry blossom, to create a combination that has a lovely layered appearance for bouquets or flower decorations in Singapore.

At Nicole’s Flowers, pastel pink bouquets such as Bunny in The House and Roses and Peonies, are vibrant selections for lovers of the colour.

Celebrate the rich shades of orange, with flowers like daisies and tulips. Orange is a great colour to express friendship and camaraderie, so it makes a great gift for close friends and family. Pair orange tulips with contrasting colours like green leaves and brown autumn sticks, to create a design that exudes warmth and comfort.

Bloom Boxes are an indispensable and thoughtful floral gift idea that creates an aura of dignity and fanciness. It is perfect for any flower delivery in Singapore. Bloom boxes contain an assortment of flowers, specified to your choice, and can be sorted to fit any theme. For example, an all-white Nicole’s Flower Bloom Box called Pure White Love is filled with white tulips and roses, would be perfect for a wedding.

Nicole’s Flower offers flowers and bouquets delivery in Singapore. Be it for an extravagant wedding, a luxurious corporate event, or even just as a sweet gesture of love between lovers. Let Nicole’s Flower collection of vibrant flowers grace your events to make it even more memorable and captivating.