3 DIY Gift Ideas That Include Fresh Flowers For Mother’s Day

May 06, 2020

Flowers are a classic and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. Even though fresh flowers may be ephemeral, the thoughts and emotions expressed through them are not. Take advantage of this special day to commemorate your gratitude to your mother! Unleash your creativity with some gift ideas that go beyond the bouquet here.

Pounded Floral Card

If you’re planning to write a handwritten card to your mother, spice it up with a unique art print made from her favourite blooms.

First, cut off the stems from the flowers. Simply lay the flowers face down on the section of the card you wish to decorate. Then, layer a piece of paper towel before securing it with tape. Use a blunt object and gently pound on the petals til the colour appears on the paper towel. Remove the paper towel slowly, and you’re done! You can even add accents and dimensions by adding in leafy greenery. Meanwhile, if you’d like your gift to stand out, order a sunflower bouquet in Singapore so you can imprint the vivid yellow petals onto your card.

Fresh Flower Petal Perfume

Bottle up some blooms by making a customised perfume with your mom’s favourite flowers to keep her smelling sweet all day long. Making your own perfume may sound daunting, but it’s a rather simple task!

All you need is a spray bottle, 1 cup of fresh flowers, 3 cups of distilled water, half a cup of alcohol and 5 drops of essential oil. Cover the petals with alcohol and let it sit for 24 hours. Then, squeeze the petals to release its scent. Add distilled water and let it sit for another 7 days. Make sure to keep track of how the scent develops. If it’s too strong, dilute the solution with more distilled water. To finish it off, drop in some essential oil and shake it up. As a finishing touch, add some fresh petals in!

Not feeling the DIY mood this time? A scented candle is also a wonderful alternative to giving your mom that heavenly floral aroma without the hassle!

White Chocolate Bars with Edible Floral

Not only are these edible floral chocolate bars easy to make, but it’s also absolutely visually pleasing! The colour of white chocolate perfectly brings out the beauty of the individual petals. Some edible flowers are dahlia, peony, alpine pinks, rose and magnolia. Make sure that they are organic and haven’t been sprayed with pesticides.

As you melt some white chocolate or white candy melts, piece the petals into the bottom of your silicone mould. Once your chocolate is completely melted, pour it into the mould. Gently tap the mould onto a flat surface to remove any air bubbles before cooling it in the refrigerator overnight. Remove the chocolate and wrap it up in aluminium foil. You could even attach a note to a string and tie it around the chocolate.


If you’d like to further elevate your gift, you could request for a matching bouquet from your florist. If you aren’t living with your mother, you could consider arranging for a flower bouquet delivery in Singapore for her bouquet to be delivered first thing in the morning! Our mothers are the most special people in our hearts, so take advantage of this day to show her your ultimate appreciation.

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