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3 Expressive Flowers To Get For Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Apr 26, 2021

With Mother’s Day coming up just around the corner, it’s important to start planning for the day that honours and celebrates the most important person in everyone’s life. Whether your plans for that day are grand in magnitude or just simple but sincere, there’s one thing that will always be part of the celebration: flowers.

Gifting flowers to someone is a tradition as old as time, and yet the gesture remains as lovely as when it was first conceived. With an increasing number of birthday flowers for delivery and flowers being used as gifts for many other events and occasions, it’s no surprise that Mother’s Day is one of them. To help you choose the right type of flowers for a flower bouquet delivery, read on and get to know the perfect blooms to give on Mother’s Day.

Captivating carnations

Given that Mother’s Day is now celebrated across the world, it’s only natural to start with the very flower that started it all. Carnations embody the eternal love of a mother, and since there are as many meanings as there are shades to choose from, you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose!

If you’d prefer to go the safer route, then a pink hue is the way to go. The reason being is that pink carnations are specifically associated with a mother’s love. Although if you’d like another option, then white is a suitable fit, given that it’s the symbolisation of purity, good luck, and unconditional love.

Radiant roses

Just because the rose is typically associated with romantic intent doesn’t mean that that’s its only purpose. Nowadays, roses can symbolise and convey a whole lot of things, depending primarily on the hue they’re in. And since everyone knows that red is typically given to one’s valentine, it’s best to choose something else for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is generally celebrated to show one’s love, gratitude, and appreciation. Thus, it makes perfect sense to choose the colours that convey such sentiments. If you’d like to express your warmth, affection, or care towards your mum, then yellow is the way to go. And if you’re feeling grateful, then choosing peach is perfect since it’s known to profusely convey one’s gratitude. Lastly, opt for pink as it’s famous for being a token of one’s admiration and appreciation.

Lush lilies

As a staple favourite for Mother’s Day, lilies are another option that you could choose. The reason being is that when it comes to lilies, their inherently wonderful and premium nature is as expressive as their size and beauty.

Since lilies consist of many types, it’s not easy to choose which are best suited to give as a gift on Mother’s Day. To make things easier for you, a splendid suggestion would be to mix daylilies and calla lilies in a bouquet, along with either one of the flowers we’ve already covered. They’re the perfect complement because daylilies represent the love for one’s mother in Chinese culture, whilst calla lilies symbolise true beauty, an apt description for our beloved moms.


Mother’s Day is an important day for everyone, and with good reason. By putting extra thought into your celebration plans, down to even your flower of choice, you show much you truly care for and value the person that brought you into this world. Once you have decided and have an idea in mind, contact a nearby florist in Singapore and have your order ready for that particular day.

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