3 Things To Note For The Perfect Bridesmaids’ Bouquet

Nov 05, 2021

A lot of consideration goes into choosing the perfect bridal bouquet for your wedding day. Meanwhile, another closely related matter that is often overlooked remains: choosing the best bridesmaid flowers to complement the overall aesthetic.

It’s understandable why bridesmaids’ flowers are often taken for granted. Many people consider them as a scaled-down version of a bridal bouquet — and they’re quite correct. Furthermore, traditions regarding a bridesmaid’s bouquet are less set in stone and are not as universally incorporated into wedding ceremonies.

However, your bridesmaids are an integral part of your big day, and this little extra tidbit is bound to set them apart from the rest of your guests. As part of your ever-supportive bridal entourage, they will also be among the most photographed during the event. That said, you may wish to invest more care and time in choosing the best bouquet for your bridesmaids to complete what could become one of the most memorable occasions of your life. Below are three things to consider when searching for the perfect bridesmaids’ flowers.

Bridal bouquet

To match or not to match? That is the question. A widespread recourse among wedding planners and florists is to give bridesmaids a smaller, simpler, less dramatic version of the bridal bouquet. The rule of thumb is to make the bridesmaid’s bouquet 8-10cm smaller than the chosen bridal bouquet.

It’s only sensible to ensure that the bridesmaid’s bouquet is similar to your bridal bouquet in terms of flower type, colour, and shape. However, it doesn’t have to be identical all the way or appear as a literal mini-me twin.

To better complement the overall aesthetic of your wedding, a similar colour palette with slight nuances and contrast will make for a more dynamic theme. You can use your bridesmaid’s flowers as an opportunity to bring in a broader range of colours and variations for impact. For example, the bride and bridesmaids can use the same flowers, but with different varieties — from white roses to yellow roses, to full roses and spray roses. You can also perhaps ‘water down’ the bridesmaid’s bouquet by interspersing it with filler flowers such as baby’s breath and lily of the valley to contrast with the bride’s full bouquet.

Bridesmaids’ dresses

When designing your bridesmaids’ bouquets, another thing to keep in mind is how it complements the bridesmaids’ dress. If you have a simple and classic wedding gown, choose flowers that are more colourful and splashy to serve as decorative accents. If your dress is more contemporary and bold, choose flowers with more neutral tones and shades to avoid taking away the attention.

It might be a good idea to avoid focusing too much on featuring matching colours with an overly similar shade, as the bouquet may disappear into the dress and vice versa. Use varying shades of the colour palette — go for adjacent, complementary or polychromatic colours. If you want the monochromatic look, allow one or two gradations of differences in tones, tints, or shades. For example, complement a salmon pink dress with a selection of soft whites or darker and duller pink flowers. Alternatively, complete an amethyst-coloured dress by featuring just a pop of lavender and lilac blooms in the bouquet.


It is important to note that the expenses at wedding ceremonies can snowball and pile up rather swiftly. As such, having a clear and thorough budget plan will help curb any unforeseen logistical issues. Decide on an amount that you would splurge for your bridesmaids’ flowers. If your bridal entourage is small and consists of a few close-knit friends, you’d have more liberty to park more money into each bridesmaids’ bouquet. If you have many bridesmaids, perhaps you could look at alternative wallet-friendly options to balance the total costs.

Opt for a greenery bouquet, which features foliage purely and serves as a wallet-friendly yet equally chic and whimsical bouquet. Another popular alternative is wrist corsages or floral cuffs, which create just as dreamy and gorgeous an atmosphere at your wedding ceremony. Though smaller in size, corsages undoubtedly are an elegant and delightful way to adorn your bridesmaids’ wrists with flowers.

Beautiful brides-to-be looking for a fresh twist on a classic can turn to Nicole’s Flower for their vast array of available wedding corsages in Singapore. While we strive to match each wrist corsage to the central bridal bouquet with our expertise, we’d love to bring your customisation requests to life, if any!


Not only does a perfect bridesmaids’ bouquet boost the elegant aesthetic of your wedding, but it is also bound to make your ever-supportive bridesmaids stand out from the rest of your guests. These details go a long way in creating the most unforgettable experience of your lifetime!

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