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3 Ways To Choose The Right Florist For Your Wedding

How do you choose the flowers for your wedding? It’s easy with the help of an experienced florist to help and assist you.

However, choosing the right florist is just as difficult as selecting the flowers itself. An established florist often offers a wide range of services and bouquets, including flower bouquet delivery and graduation bouquet.

Below are a couple of proven and tested tips, from experienced florists and previously-distraught, brides-to-be themselves. These tips will help you choose the right florist and ensure that your wedding is the best and most memorable day of your life!

1. Ask for referrals

A wedding is a special ceremony that most people only go through once in their lives. This means that most of us have minimal experience when it comes to wedding planning.

You’ll know how to select a good florist in Singapore based on the number of people recommending them. Word of mouth is a good measure of how excellent a florist’s services are. Weddings are special occasions and couples who are satisfied will not hesitate to rave about how a particular florist made their wedding memorable.

If anyone close to you have recently got married, don’t be afraid to ask them.

They’ll be the first to tell you if their florist delivered under pressure, or wilted when the stakes were the highest.

2. Set an appointment and be honest

Once you have found a good florist, it’s recommended for you to have a chat with the florist. Set an appointment and let them know the full details of your wedding – this should include your expectations, and most importantly, your budget.

You should not be hesitant about the amount of money you are willing to spend for your wedding supplies. Your wedding suppliers should be among the first people you inform of your budget. This way, they’ll know what tweaks and compromises need to be made in order to achieve your dream wedding.

3. Book early

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so take your time to ask around before reaching a decision. However, remember not to take too long – florists tend to be high-in-demand, especially during the peak seasons.

As a general rule of thumb, book your florist a few months before your wedding day; somewhere around six months just to be safe.

How to work with a florist

When fielding offers, ask florists to prepare at least two possible proposals: a best-case and worst-case scenario proposal.

Having these two types of proposals make it easier for you, as a couple, to plan out your finances and choose the right mix of flowers, as well as arrangements that best fits your budget. More importantly, having at least two proposals allows you to combine and come up with one that features the best of both proposals.

Be sure to ask if prices already include delivery time, or any labor costs such as the initial set-up. This way, you will be guaranteed to get the best bang for your buck!