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4 Benefits Of Using Candles As Your Wedding Centrepiece

Everyone has a dream wedding in mind. When it comes to wedding decor, most people think of beautiful flowers and their favourite colour scheme. You might go to great lengths to find the perfect sunflower bouquet in Singapore, or to choose the ideal garden wedding venue. However, did it ever cross your mind that candles are also an excellent addition for wedding decor?

Candles come in various forms and scents. You can go for small tea lights or candles placed in pretty lanterns or jars, and opt to have them along the perimeter of your venue, or as a centrepiece at every table.

Here are some reasons why candles will be a wonderful addition to a wedding:

1. They add a touch of romance

Candlelit dinners are the epitome of romantic – so, naturally, candles at a wedding will also give off a romantic vibe. The warm glow of candles in the dim evening will lend a touch of intimacy that brings a sense of togetherness. You can pair the candles with some fresh flower arrangements for the ultimate dreamy wedding decor. Just make sure to match your candles and any holders you have with the rest of your decor, and you will have the perfect setup.

2. Candles add an air of elegance 

Whether you go for tall candlesticks or mini tea lights, candles have the ability to infuse an air of sophistication to the occasion. They are usually associated with luxurious dinner restaurants and relaxing spas, so candles at your wedding are definitely a classy touch. If elegant is your goal, the key is not to overdo it. Place the candles strategically but minimally – and do note to take safety precautions as well!

3. They are versatile decor items

With so many types of candles and ways to display them, candles are truly a versatile wedding decor item. You can play around with candle holders to find those that match your theme. For example, you can go for vintage-style candlesticks and long tapered candles for that traditional look, or opt for candles in lanterns for a secure yet trendy retro-industrial look. From candle-lined stairways to a candle-adorned feature table, there are so many ways you can use them beautifully. Let your creativity take flight!

4. They can add a pleasant scent to the room 

Apart from their visual properties, candles are also well-loved for another thing: their scent! If you choose scented candles, you can have a multitude of choices of what kind of scent you want wafting through your wedding venue. A well-chosen scent can put your guests in a good mood for a cosy and warm wedding experience.

As you can see, candles are fantastic at elevating the atmosphere at a wedding. You can look for soy candles in Singapore for a more environmentally-friendly option that looks equally amazing and comes in a wide variety of designs and scents. With candles as part of your wedding decor, you’ll be able to look forward to a wonderful romantic vibe and beautiful photos after as well!