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4 Best Valentine’s Flower Alternatives to the Iconic Rose

It’s no secret that giving roses to your special someone on Valentine’s day has become rather unoriginal nowadays. And while others have taken to other types of gifts, such as chocolates and various novelties, you’ve decided that nothing beats a bouquet when it comes to expressing your ardent love.

So, if you need a couple of fresh ideas for your upcoming V-day surprise, we’ve got just the thing for you. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some alternatives to the rose for this year’s Valentine’s day!


The aptly named ‘forget-me-not’ is a surefire way of getting your message across, be it “I think of you all the time” or “I hope you’ll never forget me”. While available in many colour variations thanks to its genus consisting of a couple hundred species, the most common colours to be found are closely associated with shades of blue and purple.

If you’re curious as to what this flower represents, then you’ll be glad to know that true love, fidelity, and an everlasting connection are its special meanings. So if you plan on settling for this particular bloom, it’s acceptable to give this either to your partner or an extremely close friend.


Coming in at a variety of colours, tulips are among the top three most popular flowers on earth, but still serve as a great alternative to the rose. And here’s a little tidbit about it: Tulips have near-perfect symmetry in its flower buds!

If you’re feeling extra romantic, that little trivia may be used to inform your partner that just like the buds, the two of you are undoubtedly a perfect match.

The most common meaning of the tulip is perfect or deep love, which is what you probably would wish to convey on this occasion. However, this meaning is closely tied to red tulips, thus it will be best to choose that hue to remain in line with one’s romantic intentions.


On the occasion that your partner’s birthday falls within the same month as Valentine’s, why not celebrate it with violets? This flower’s scent, which can be described as powdery, soft, and sensual, is sure to invoke feelings of romantic affection between you and your significant other.

As a flower associated with love, this bloom makes an excellent candidate to put into a bouquet. And, if you’re feeling creative, it can be paired with other kinds to create an eclectic and colourful display. Choosing such complementary colours can be difficult, so it’s best to engage a birthday flower delivery service from a florist that can tend to all of your needs at once.


A flower whose beauty is as exotic as its naming origins, the ranunculus presents a compelling choice if you wish to go for a lesser-known yet unquestionably beautiful piece for a bouquet.

Just like with red tulips, the same hue for the ranunculus conveys your passionate message with a similar effect. As an aside, pink or white shades work as well since they share the same symbolic meanings.


Flowers still retain their position as a popular choice when it comes to gifts during Valentine’s day. But if you’re looking for another option to show your amorous ardour besides the rose, the flowers that we just went through are only a few of several fantastic choices that you can choose from. And if you’ve now made up your mind and are curious as to where you can order an arrangement, we welcome you to explore our flower bouquet delivery services in Singapore for seamless, island-wide deliveries!