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4 Floral Arrangements That Are Stunning And Trendy This 2021

Flowers have always been considered a popular form of gift since time immemorial. Indeed, beautiful floral arrangements are a great choice to give to your family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances no matter what occasion. And just like in fashion, trends in floral arrangements have been changing over the years.

This 2021, particularly, several floral designs have taken the flower industry by storm. Here are some of the most stunning floral arrangements that are quite trendy this year.

1. Bloom boxes

This 2021, flowers are no longer just arranged in bouquets. You can gift your special someone with assorted flowers that are carefully arranged in elegant boxes. Bloom boxes have indeed become quite popular these days. They are now an essential and thoughtful idea for floral gifts because of the fancy and dignified aura that they exude.

Bloom boxes usually contain an assortment of flowers that is specified according to one’s choice. The variety and arrangement of flowers in a bloom box may also differ based on the occasion or theme. For example, if you are planning to give someone a bloom box for their wedding or anniversary, an arrangement of white tulips and roses in a box would be a perfect present.

2. Minimalist arrangements

This year it’s also all about simplicity. Floral design trends have indeed shown a growing demand for stripped back, minimalist compositions. So, when it comes to floral arrangements, going for minimalistic designs is key for a gorgeous and trendy flower gift this 2021.

Based on the belief that ‘less is more’, minimalism does away with bright and busy floral arrangements to accommodate a more laid-back floral look. Some of the most common plants and flowers you can see in a minimalist arrangement are mini calla lilies, cyperus papyrus, and elephant reed.

3. Pastel-coloured bouquets

Pastel colours are also fast gaining popularity. This means you can expect a brilliant mixture of soft pink, sage green, and creamy white for floral arrangements. Delicate pastel pink flowers are a common choice for more feminine gifts. A pastel pink flower bouquet in Singapore usually emits a touch of serenity – perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and other similar occasions.

Some of the most common flowers you can use for your pastel-coloured bouquets are asiatic lilies, azafran roses, fiesta komachi carnations, lisianthus, and dendrobium orchids. Pastel colours can essentially bring out the warmth and comfort in your flower arrangement.

4. Floral psychedelic

If you are not into soft pastel colours, then psychedelic colours might be your cup of tea. Psychedelic colours are another top trend in floral arrangements this year because it easily adds visual interest. Inspired by colourful prints from the 70s, many florists are now using psychedelic colour palettes to design and arrange flowers.

The key to creating the psychedelic vibe in your flower arrangement is to choose flowers and plants with bold colours, such as hot pink, bright orange, and neon yellow. One of the most common flowers used in psychedelic arrangements is the gerbera daisy. It is available in a wide variety of colours, most of which are bright and eye-catching.


Bloom boxes, minimalist, pastel-coloured, and psychedelic are some of the most beautiful and popular floral arrangements you have to look out for this year! These floral compositions have changed the way people design flowers for the better.

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