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4 Reasons Why Fresh Flowers Are Indispensable At A Wedding

They say that compromise is key to a successful wedding.

With so many decisions to make for a wedding, comprises are inevitable. However, there are several things of high importance for your wedding that you should not settle on easily.

One of those things is incorporating fresh flowers into your wedding flower decoration!

Although artificial flowers are considered to be just as good as the real deal, there are several facts about getting a fresh flower arrangement that makes them vital at every wedding.

Below are the top 4 reasons why you should definitely incorporate fresh flowers at your wedding, and avoid using artificial ones.

1. Artificial and real flowers are just not the same. 

You can arrange artificial flowers however you want, and they can be made to look and smell like real flowers. However, people will still be able to differentiate between real and artificial flowers.

Fresh flowers have a kind of delicateness and realism to them that their artificial counterparts cannot replicate. Although most artificial flowers look a lot better today, as compared to the past, they still lack far behind real and fresh flowers.

2. Real flowers smell amazing.

Artificial bouquets and arrangements can be made to smell like real flowers using several types of fragrances. However, the smell is simply different compared to what you would get with real flowers. Most florists also provide flower bouquet delivery services for the busy bride’s convenience!

3. You help support small and independent businesses.

Unless you are looking to get foreign flowers or flowers that have to be imported, you will most likely be engaging the services of a local florist in Singapore. By taking on businesses with them, you are helping to support small and independent local businesses.

4. Weddings happen once-in-a-lifetime.

Weddings do not happen very often. Your wedding, in particular, only happens once in your life. Would you like the memory of it to be associated with artificial flowers? Or, would you like to remember your wedding exactly as you envisioned it since when you were a child?

Making your wedding as memorable as possible should be of utmost importance.

Using fresh flowers, especially your favorite blooms, can help bring more life to your wedding. They can make your special occasion even more memorable, for both you and your guests alike.

From the reasons stated above, fresh flowers are truly crucial at any wedding. They might be slightly more expensive in comparison to artificial flowers. However, it is definitely an expense worth the investment for such a momentous and important event. Besides, there are alternatives where you can seek for fresh flowers at more affordable prices for your wedding.

Lastly, make sure that you seek an honest and open discussion with your florist, to arrive at a compromise between your expectations and what you can manage based on your budget.