4 Simple And Effective Ways To Preserve Your Flower Bouquet

Nov 24, 2020

Did you receive a flower bouquet for your birthday or anniversary? Nobody wants to say goodbye to these beautiful flowers, especially if it was a gift from someone special or brought home from a happy occasion. They are often connected to memories you don’t want to forget. Therefore, it is no surprise that people would want to preserve these flowers forever.

There are many ways to preserve your flowers. What you choose can turn the flowers into beautiful décor for your home or even a handy bookmark you can use. Here are 4 effective ways to preserve your flowers! 

Air drying

Air drying is a simple method to preserve your flowers. Simply hang your flowers upside down in room temperature, but out of direct sunlight. Leaving them in the sun can sometimes cause their natural colours to fade.

You can use rubber bands to tie the stems of the flowers together, but remember not to tie them too tightly as the compressed areas will be damp and may attract mold. In a few weeks, you can observe beautiful dried flowers with vintage hues. You can choose to arrange them in a vase, or try using them in your relaxing baths, next to a scented candle! Handle them with care as they can be brittle and fragile.


Pressing flowers has been an effective way of preserving flowers for many years. This method may require several weeks, or even months for the flowers to dry out completely, but the workload is minimal. You will need a heavy hardcover book and a few sheets of waxed paper. Place the flowers in between the wax papers and press them down with the book.

Once the flowers have fully dried out, you can make them into a bookmark or fill them in a picture frame for a pretty décor.


Although putting flowers into the microwave may sound unusual, it is a safe and quick option when preserving flowers. You will need some ceramic plates, a few coffee filters and a microwave. Place them in the following order: Ceramic plate, coffee filter, flowers, coffee filter, and then ceramic plate again. Place this ‘sandwich’ into the microwave for one minute and take them out to check. Keep doing it until you are satisfied with the results.

You can experiment and try this a couple of times to find out what works best. Remember not to place the flowers inside for too long as they may get scorched!

Using silica gel

Using silica gel to dry your flowers requires more attention, but it is a quicker method that preserves the colours nicely. But be careful how long you leave them in! Silica gel is a moisture-absorbing desiccant, so you can sometimes over-dry the flowers if you leave them there for too long, resulting in them crumbling apart.

Pour some silica gel into a container or Tupperware, add the flowers in, and add more silica gel on top. Cover it tightly with the lid and leave them there for a couple of days, while checking up on them occasionally. When they are dried up, remove the flowers carefully and spray them with some hairspray.


It is best to preserve flowers when they are still fresh and in full bloom. You should consider which method is most practical and decide where you want to place them before you start. The methods above can turn your flowers into beautiful décor you can keep forever. Try experimenting with the different ways and see which gives you the best results! If you are looking for online florists in Singapore, Nicole’s Flower can provide you with both fresh and preserved flowers, complete with local flower delivery services.

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