4 Tips For Crafting The Perfect Graduation Bouquet

Nov 13, 2019

Receiving a graduation bouquet that is crafted by someone special really adds to a graduate’s special day. There are many examples of the perfect graduation bouquet that your florist can help put together for you.

If you are interested in crafting your very own graduation bouquet for someone special, here are four essential tips you can follow to create the perfect and ideal arrangement.

1. Pick the Right Flowers and Colours

There are various flowers associated with graduation. They are namely lilies, roses, carnations, daisies as well as orchids. You can seek consultation with an online florist in Singapore for more flower ideas. When choosing the colour scheme for your bouquet, select colours that have the relevant symbolic meanings. Here are the symbolic meanings of several colours.

Yellow flowers usually symbolize joy and success; Purple flowers symbolizes accomplishment, pride, and success; Orange flowers symbolizes excitement, enthusiasm, and passion; while green flowers often symbolize luck, new beginnings, and youth.

2. Add-ons

There are many extra embellishments you can add onto a graduation bouquet to give it an added flair. Additional ferns, green leaves, and baby breath can provide and add volume to your beautiful flower bouquet, further enhancing it.

You can also incorporate embellishments such as ribbons, soft toys, soy candles, as well as congratulatory cards!

3. Arrangement

Creating a gorgeous flower bouquet arrangement requires more skills than you expect. You can start by placing your flowers down on a table, and identify which flowers go well with one another. You can also consider the number of each specific type of flower you will need.

Once you have decided and chosen the various flowers, cut off the stems of and leaves to your desired length – some flower stems can be longer than others to create depth. The flowers should be the main focus while the add-ons are there to bring the entire look together. You can rearrange the positioning until you are satisfied with the look.

Last but not least, for the final step of the arrangement, use clear sticky tape to fasten the bundle together, to prepare it for wrapping.

4. Wrapping

You can get really creative when it comes to wrapping the bouquet. Coloured paper or craft paper is the perfect wrap for your bouquet. You can add a ribbon around the bouquet to enhance its look, ensure that it is fastened properly to keep it in place.

In order to keep your flower bouquet fresher for a longer period of time, you can fill up a clear plastic bag with a small amount of water and tie it around the bouquet with an elastic at the bottom of the stems. Remove the bag just before you gift it to the graduate. In addition, you can seek assistance from your local florist on the type of flower food required for the bouquet to stay fresher for a longer period of time. You can also opt for flower bouquet delivery as an alternative.

There are no right answers for crafting and designing your very own graduation bouquet. Unleash your creativity and stun the receiver. Happy crafting!

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