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4 Ways Preserved Flowers Make A Thoughtful Proposal Gift

As highly emotive gifts, the giving of flower bouquets have been a timeless tradition. Whether you wish to express emotions of affection, respect, sympathy or joy, flower bouquets are perfect to package your heartfelt thoughts and wishes.

So as such a powerful gesture, these lovely bouquets can’t be excluded from milestones like wedding proposals! Traditionally, fresh flowers have been the go-to for pristine-looking bouquets that will instantly sweep her off her feet. But there’s always this concern that fresh flowers wilt easily – your significant other wouldn’t be able to bask in the proposal bliss for long.

This is where preserved flowers come into play. Take a look at these reasons for why preserved flowers have been taking the lead for proposal bouquets! As you’re deciding to pop the big question in the most thoughtful way, here’s why you should consider preserved flowers.

1. Speak of your ever-lasting love for her

Typically, freshly cut flowers only last up to a maximum of two weeks. So when you’re preparing a heartfelt proposal gift, you’d want to consider longer-lasting flowers, which parallel your ever-lasting love for her. Preserved flowers are perfect because they typically last for at least three years – probably enough time to accompany her up to her wedding day!

2. Let her soak in the low maintenance gift

Preserved flowers are excellent gifts because your significant other wouldn’t need to provide them that tender loving care. There’s no need for sunlight or watering; let your significant other be treated with this low maintenance gift!

Is this the same for dried flowers? Mostly, yes. But, the process of drying causes the stem, branches and petals to be more fragile than preserved flowers. After some time, she’ll need to start maintaining them. Another unfortunate thing is that the colours of dried flowers might fade.

3. Craft out the perfect proposal scene

Nothing completes a dreamy proposal scene like flowers. Whether you’re going for a classic bouquet of red roses that screams romance or choosing your partner’s most favourite flowers, flowers are a necessity in all proposals.

But after you’ve set up the most stunning flowers and about to get down on one knee, it would be a shame if you or your partner starts sneezing all over! Especially if your partner is allergic to pollen, choose preserved flowers to ensure you won’t trigger any potential allergies.

4. Show you spare a thought for Mother Earth

If your significant other is a tree hugger, preserved flowers will make her heart melt. She’ll know that you’ve spent some thought in your gift: preserved flowers typically use less energy and water when they are transported and stored.

Worried that preserved flowers won’t give off that aromatic scent that fresh flowers offer? Perhaps consider seeking out a couple of scented Singapore soy candles! As a biodegradable alternative, soy candles are also green ideas for your proposal.


Consider preserved flowers as the finishing touches to your elaborate proposal! Here at Nicole’s Flowers, we’re here to beautify your proposal with an array of preserved flower choices. From preserved flowers in bloom boxes, photo frames and globes, take your pick and leave it up to our bouquet delivery services to complete your thoughtful proposal scene!