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5 Common Questions About Bridal Bouquets Answered

Jan 21, 2021

A bridal bouquet is a collection of flowers carried by the bride as she walks down the aisle. You can think of your bridal bouquet as a once in a lifetime accessory. Besides keeping the bride’s hands busy, it is meant to be a complimentary addition to the wedding’s overall theme and the style of her dress. Therefore, deciding on the bridal bouquet is actually an important task.

Choosing your bridal bouquet can be overwhelming, especially with all the stress of planning a wedding. So here we will be helping you out by answering the most commonly asked questions about bridal bouquets!

1. What kind of flowers should I use?

Deciding what kind of flowers to use can be tough as there are so many different types and colours. Each one of them gives off a different style and look, while some even have meanings behind it. There is no right or wrong answer when picking out the flowers as they mostly come down to two things – personal preference and the colour theme of the wedding. It’s good to take note of what flowers are in season on your wedding day as some of them aren’t available at certain times of the year.

2. What style of bouquet should I have?

Keep in mind that the theme and style of your wedding can help you decide on what kind of bouquet you would like. The style of the bouquet should complement the overall colour palette of the wedding and elevate the aesthetics of your big day. For example, if you’re going for a laidback and chill outdoor wedding, you can consider going for tropical flowers such as orchids, especially suitable for sunny Singapore.

3. Should I choose my bouquet according to my dress?

This is extremely important when it comes to choosing your bridal bouquet! When you visit your florist, remember to have a picture of your wedding dress so that they can take a look at the style, shape, and detail of the dress. The final design of the bouquet has a lot to do with the gown as there should be a balance and nothing too overpowering. For example, a clean and sleek gown often calls for a more minimalistic bouquet, while a larger ball gown might fit better with something more elaborate.

4. How much does a bridal bouquet usually cost?

A bridal bouquet usually costs anywhere from $150-$350, and this does not include the other flowers in the wedding party. Naturally, the bigger your bouquet is, or the more elaborate your designs are, the more expensive they will be. Some flowers are also more expensive than others. Setting a budget can be useful when planning for your bridal bouquets.

5. Who else at the party needs flowers?

After deciding on your bridal flower, you might be wondering who else at the wedding will need flowers. Usually, it is typical to have flowers for your bridesmaids or a flower crown for your flower girl. The groom and groomsmen may also wear boutonnieres. Other common areas to have flowers are on the bridal car, or at the reception table. Where you want the flowers to be, and how many you want is really up to you, because it’s your wedding!


Wedding planning can be a stressful affair, but remember it’s your wedding day and you should choose what you like! Here at Nicole’s flower, we understand how taxing this can be and we want to make your special day prettier with our fresh flower arrangements.

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