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Bridesmaid Bouquets

5 Pretty Ways To Upcycle Your Bridesmaid Bouquets

Bridesmaid bouquets hold memories of a joyous occasion that you’ll like to remember forever. But, once the fresh flowers wilt, you’d probably look at them regretfully and discard them sooner or later.

Don’t you wish you could keep those blooms by finding a place for them in your life? To help you hold onto these beautiful flowers for as long as possible, here are six pretty and fun ways to repurpose and upcycle your bouquets!

1. Drying your blooms

Perhaps the most simple and common way to preserve your flowers would be through air drying. Using a piece of string, you can easily hang your flowers at a room temperature setting and away from direct sunlight. Leave the flowers to dry for a few weeks and your lovely bouquet of dried flowers are ready!

Also, to preserve those vibrant colours of the bouquet, consider including silica gel in the drying process. For this, first layer the bottom of a container with the silica gel, add your flowers and then cover them with another layer of silica gel. Once you’re done, leave the container sealed for a few days, occasionally checking on them.

2. Press flowers into your scented candles

Apart from drying them, you can consider pressing blooms into your candles! In fact, pressed flower candles make great environmentally friendly gifts. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also experiment with different scents and waxes to make the candle itself. But if it’s too much of a hassle, there are an array of soy candles in Singapore you can purchase and press your flowers on the surface.

One way to create these lovely green gifts is to place two sheets of wax paper in a book and press your flowers between the sheets. Or, you can even use your household iron. Simply wrap your blooms in a kitchen towel and run an iron over them that is set at low heat. Remember to check and ensure you don’t burn them by accident.

Another alternative is to take a piece of wax paper and arrange your petals in the way you’d like them to appear on the candle. Then, wrap the paper around the candle itself, sandwiching the flowers between the wax paper and the candle. Lastly, use a hairdryer or hot air gun to heat the wax paper, gently peeling back the wax paper, and voila! You have a personalised scented candle!

3. Homemade potpourri

More than just aesthetically pleasing, potpourris are also great aromatherapy accessories. At first thought, the process of making potpourri may seem tedious but it’s simpler than you think. It’s also a fun way to customise the scents rather than getting them off the shelves!

For some homemade potpourri, firstly, preheat your oven to 200ºF. Then, place a couple of flower heads on a piece of parchment paper. At this stage, you can include other scents in the form of cinnamon sticks, for example. Next, add ten drops of your preferred essential oil to a tablespoon of water. Preferably, spray the mixture over the sheet of flowers before popping them into the oven. After two hours, take the flowers out for the finishing touch – perform a final spray of the essential oil mixture.

4. Press and frame

For the most fuss-free and elegant way to preserve flowers, you can press them between two transparent acrylic sheets. This process is similar to that of flower pressed candles. This is for those who like a floral touch to your home wallpaper – the frame looks elegant and at the same time, adds a botanical touch to your room!

5. Floral phone case

If you’ve been keeping up with social media platforms, incorporating dried flowers into phone cases has been trending on Instagram and Pinterest! And perhaps why floral phone cases have been gaining popularity is because of their versatility and minimalistic look they offer.

The most straightforward way would be to ensure that both surfaces are clean before placing your flowers between your phone and a transparent phone case. But to make this design more long-lasting, use vinyl glue or resin to attach your desired stalks and petals onto the cleaned surface.


Upcycling your bouquet is not just environmentally friendly, but it also leaves you with a pretty and memorable keepsake item! During this stay home period, why not get creative and experiment with your old bridesmaid bouquets?

Whether you’re looking for aromatic soy candles to make your DIY flower pressed candle or a bouquet gift, do check out our extensive range here at Nicole’s Flowers. On top of that, we offer flower bouquet delivery in Singapore for you to gift your loved ones a pleasant surprise during these trying times!