5 Reasons To Join A Floral Arrangement Class

14 April 2022

Flower arranging is not as easy as you think. Technique, artistry and flair – it’s something that takes time and skill to master. While putting a group of blooms into a vase may not be challenging, the required creative idea and technique to come up with a beautiful flower arrangement does. Fortunately, you don’t have to do these things from scratch alone, as professionals are here to help you identify the blooms that go well with each other through the help of flower arrangement courses.

Whether you want to prepare a simple arrangement for your table centrepiece or a romantic bundle to give to your loved one, flower arrangements certainly add a touch of natural sweetness and beauty. What better way to make flower-gifting even more special than knowing you dedicated all your effort and time join flower arranging courses in Singapore?

1. Learn about new flowers

Learning about the different kinds of flowers is an important part of any flower arrangement workshop. Most people know only the flowers that grow in gardens and the ones sold at the grocery store. In fact, there are varieties of flowers out there, making it difficult and challenging to choose the right ones for a bundle or bouquet! A workshop with a seasoned florist can recommend seasonal flowers that you can use.

2. Practice making complex arrangements

Joining a flower workshop can provide you with the opportunity to create a more complex arrangement using various types of flowers. Your seasoned florist knows what to recommend to you, depending on what you want to achieve. It’s not just cramming in more flowers but knowing how to place flowers that enable cohesion and creating a bouquet that is greater than the sum of its parts require a keen eye and a great mind to take the full bouquet into consideration.

3. More than just a bouquet, it’s an unforgettable experience

If you like giving your friends, family, or romantic partner beautiful bouquets without having to spend so much money, joining a workshop is a unique solution. Pre-made arrangements that can be found in malls and flower shops can come with a high price, but separately buying the flowers and stems can cut your costs. Moreover, you walk away with not just the bouquet but the experience of doing something personal for your loved ones yourself.

Flower arrangement workshops can sometimes be a group activity! If you don’t know what to get your mom for Mother’s Day, gather your siblings and spend some time making a flower arrangement that your mom will surely love!

4. Opens a new passion

Flower arranging is not just a simple activity. It can even become a hobby for some people. With all sorts of hobbies, flower arrangements can be a therapeutic session for some people, all tied up with the notion of doing something that you can gift others or place in your own room as a beautiful visual décor. It can be a practical skill that you can use in unique circumstances or when you want to give something that rings of a personal touch.


If you want to add different types of flowers and arrangements to your knowledge or you’re still a beginner to floral arrangements, attending a flower workshop is the best way to learn, and they’re open to everyone interested! So, if you’re interested in making an arrangement for your table, bridal bouquet, or wedding corsages in Singapore, flower arrangements, then we know just the place for you.

We at Nicole’s Flower are here to provide you with stunning and eye-catching blooms. From fresh, aromatic, and beautiful flowers or flower arrangements to even dried flower decorations, we are sure to find the perfect bouquet for your perfect occasion. Check out our online catalogue or contact us today to find out more!