5 Reasons Why Flowers Make A Great Birthday Gift For Anyone

Mar 30, 2021

A loved one or family member’s birthday is the perfect occasion to show them some extra love and appreciation. However, finding the right birthday gift for them can sometimes be challenging, especially when picking a gift for someone who ‘already has everything’.

We tend to stress on finding a grand and expensive gift that will impress the receiver, but we often forget that sometimes, people prefer simple and meaningful gifts with good food and company! This is where a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers come in. Here are 5 reasons why flowers would make a great birthday gift!

1. They symbolise elegance and simplicity

The main reason why people love flowers on their birthday is that they bring a touch of nature that brightens up the day. Each flower has its own distinct lively colour and refreshing fragrance that brightens up a person’s mood. In addition, gift-giving should be about making a gesture and expressing your thoughts. Gifting a bouquet sends a clear message that the receiver’s happiness and well-being matters to you.

 2. They are clutter-free

A bouquet of flowers is clutter-free. They are light and easy to carry, but the only thing you will have to avoid is accidentally pressing on them. Doing so might cause the flowers to look less vibrant. Moreover, flowers are easy to keep. They can be kept in a vase or preserved to make a beautiful decoration at home. Your loved one will definitely appreciate this easy and pleasant gift!

3. They are a special reminder

Expensive and material gifts are great, but your special bouquet of birthday flowers can be special, too. Flowers make the perfect example as they evoke lots of emotions and feelings, something that not many gifts can do. Do note that different flowers have their own meanings so you might want to check that out before picking your flowers.

 4. They go well with birthday cakes and decoration

Birthday cakes and decorations are necessary for every birthday celebration. What better gift to go along with them than a gorgeous bunch of blooms! Flowers are aesthetically pleasing and can complement any cake and decoration at the party. It is also a beautiful way of greeting your loved ones!

5. They are great if you can’t be at the birthday party

Flowers are also a great birthday gift if you can’t be at the party or celebration. Whether it is because you have an important appointment or will be out of town, having a bouquet of fresh flowers delivered to their doorstep shows that you thought about them. There are many florists that provide bouquet delivery in Singapore that will put a smile on your loved one’s face.


There are a million types of different flowers out there, and choosing the best for the birthday boy or girl can be hard. A knowledgeable florist in Singapore will be able to help you pick out the best birthday bouquet that will convey the right message. Here at Nicole’s Flower, we can provide you with fresh and beautiful flowers with flower delivery services!

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