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5 Ways On How You Can Make Your Anniversary Very Memorable

We all have a special day where a significant event occurred in our lives. Most of the time on this day, you want to do something to reminisce about it.

One of the most significant events in a person’s life is the day they said “I do” to the one they love, their wedding day!

You may be having sleepless nights while thinking of what you can do to blow your partner away. Here are some ideas you can try out:

Recreate your honeymoon

If you are financially stable, you can travel to the same location that you went to for your honeymoon.

Make it more memorable by making reservations in the same hotel and with the same room if possible. Reserve the same dining table that you enjoyed sitting at during your honeymoon, for you and your loved one.

These simple gestures will be sure to leave your partner speechless in the best way. For a little more romantic boost, replay the very first song that you danced together to as a married couple.

Renew your vows

Depending on how many years you and your spouse have spent together, you can decide to recite your vows. Decide if you want it to be a surprise or not.

Consider organising a simple ceremony and invite your close family and friends to bear witness to your vow’s renewal.

Recreate that memorable moment when the bride walked down the aisle. Also, ensure that there is enough space to accommodate the number of people you want to invite.

Don’ forget to decorate the place and your wife her favourite flowers with wedding flower decorations in Singapore and wedding flower bouquets.

Plan gift amounts according to the number of anniversaries

If you are celebrating your twentieth anniversary, you should consider getting your spouse twenty of a particular item. Consider attending flower arranging courses and create a bouquet of twenty lilies from your wedding day’s bridal flower bouquet.

This idea is both fun and will forever be embedded in your memory with the significance and creativity planned behind the gifts.

You may have a more significant gift in mind, but you can still use this method and give out clues according to your anniversary year.

Watch the wedding video as a family

You can choose to do this in two different ways; Slip the wedding DVD in the video player and simply pressing play within the comfort of your living room or get a projector to play your wedding video on a big screen re-enacting a movie theatre vibe.

You can arrange to have the same meals that you had on your wedding day. So sit back and relax with your family or even invite friends to watch and reminisce that special day.

Make a mixtape

Create a mixtape of songs with special meanings from both of you.

It could be a song that you listened to on your first date or a song that you played while your kids were born.

As long as it is meaningful to you, combine them into one tape and reminisce together as you listen to the tunes play for a relaxing and romantic day.