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5 Ways To Use Fresh Flowers For Your Wedding Decorations

A wedding is not the same without flowers, and it will not be completed without fresh flower arrangements. You can get all kinds of flower arrangements to make your wedding even more beautiful, but it is recommended to choose the fresh ones. If you are wondering how can you use flowers to add some personality to your wedding in Singapore, here are some useful ideas to consider!

1. The flower bouquets

The most important details of your wedding when it comes to flowers is your bride’s bouquet. Also, this bouquet should match your bridesmaids’ bouquets is some fort but keep in mind that yours still needs to be the most spectacular. Go for your favourite flowers if you are the bride and make sure you love every aspect of your flower bouquet because you will be holding it for most of the day.

2. Table arrangements

You can add flowers on each table for your guests to enjoy them as they are attending your wedding event. Usually, these flower arrangements are placed right in the middle of the table to create a more significant impression. The addition of candles will make it more visually interesting. Even better, use handmade scented candles to add some personality to your event.

3. Add them around the wedding room 

Besides these basic flower arrangements types, you can always spread them tastefully around your wedding room. Use the advice of a flower specialist to help you with these arrangements and give you some interesting ideas. But whatever you choose, make sure that you go for fresh flower arrangements because they can really make the difference. And you can combine them with interesting soy candles in Singapore which are very appreciated by guests.

4. Have a flower rain 

An interesting effect that many couples choose to have at their wedding is flower rain. If you have a church wedding this can happen at the exit of the church, or when you go down the aisle, or simply when you and your partner say your “I dos”. You will both love it for sure, and your guests will be thrilled by the spectacle as well.

5. Give flowers to your guests

Giving flowers away is always a great gesture that your guests will highly appreciate. You can place them on each seat as you are waiting for them to arrive at your wedding. Or you can hand them flowers at the entrance of the party. Whatever you go for, giving flowers away at your wedding is a great idea!

As you can see, there are numerous ways to use fresh flowers at your wedding. So use your imagination and get creative. Remember that the combination of flowers is also essential, you don’t have to stick to one type of flowers as long as you choose them the right way.