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7 Scents And What Your Choice Could Reveal About You

All fragrances and scents have their unique charm and character. Whether from perfume or soy candles, these aromas come in various forms to accentuate the occasion and even the user.

Without knowing it, your choice of scent can say a lot about your preferences and personality. Find out more about the different smells and their corresponding characteristics, and then determine for yourself how accurate the phrase ‘you are what you like’ might be!

Earth and sandalwood

People that prefer earthly scents tend to be high-achievers or perfectionists. Lovers of these aromas also gravitate towards venturing unknown places and are always down to trying something new. That being said, you will also find that they would have done their thorough research about all possible scenarios before jetting off! Fans of sandalwood are also known to be dependable in the face of difficulty.

Fruity citrus scents

From the zing that we associate with citrus scents, we can tell that these are the ones that love to grab the attention of others. Fans of fruity and citrus smells have a neck for the fresh and lively character of the scent, which usually translates to their zesty personality. Citrus fans are also said to be natural leaders, with traits like being strong-minded and confident.

Lavender and other floral scents

Lavender or other floral scents are known to be classic scents, popular across all ages. Those who gravitate towards lavender are known to value relationships and friendships. They are also said to perform well when it comes to teamwork and go the extra mile to check in with their friends from time to time.

Generally, people who prefer floral scents are highly positive, constantly seeking to improve and be the best version of themselves. Moreover, floral scent lovers tend to exude a classy vibe and gravitate to minimalistic styles.

Fresh, aquatic scents

When picturing the ocean, a vast sandy beach and calm, glistening waters would probably come to mind. This depiction is then what those that love fresher scents relate to! If you find yourself gravitating to fresh linen or aqua scents, you are usually one that is calm, collected and carefree. You lean towards a stress-free routine, one without boundaries and are a natural dreamer with endless imagination.

Musky scents

Musky scents are commonly identified with being confident, alluring, and always ahead of everyone else. People who like to wear perfume with musky scents may also have a hint of mystery and quick wit that many around them cannot deny.

With a liking of such scents, you might also find yourself enjoying the finer things in life and want to adopt a glamourous lifestyle. However, you can also be sentimental and sweet, especially to those you love.

Sweet, vanilla-like scents

Lastly, we have our vanilla lovers. While vanilla may seem like the most common scent, you might find that these groups are the life of the party! People who carry vanilla scents usually love socialising and a girl’s night out. They also tend prefer to lead life wherever it takes them, one day at a time.


Every girl has different preferences when it comes to scents and fragrances. With that, it comes as no surprise that the scents we choose may reflect specific aspects of our personality, some known and others we have yet to discover ourselves.

Whichever the occasion, if you are looking for a scent to gift a loved one, there is no place better than here at Nicole’s flower. With our vast range of aroma candles, handmade soap and fresh flower arrangements in Singapore, we are sure you can find one that will tingle your senses. Drop us a message and we’ll be happy to find that scent for you!