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A Guide To Choosing A Bridal Bouquet For Your Special Day

Wedding bouquets are more than just a bunch of flowers tied together for you to hold. They are part of a centuries-old tradition symbolising luck and fertility, and the toss of the bouquet is intended to spread luck to others. Today, wedding bouquets are also a means of self-expression and an accessory that compliments the bride’s outfit.

We know that choosing the perfect bouquet can get stressful. While it may seem easy to choose whatever looks good and go along with it, there are some things you should consider to avoid regretting your decision. Here is a simple guide to help you choose your bridal bouquet for your special day!

Choosing the shape and size

Finding a bouquet that creates a balanced overall look is important. As the bouquet is going to sit as centre focus, the size needs to be in proportion to you, which is why the shape and size of the bouquet matters. For example, if you are petite, having a huge bouquet could overshadow you and your dress. In this case, a long and narrow bouquet could work beautifully.

When deciding on the size of the bouquet, it is also important to take your bridesmaids bouquet into consideration. Often, the bridesmaid’s bouquets should be smaller as the bride should be the centre of attention! 

Deciding on the type of flowers

You can choose your flowers based on appearance and popularity, but it is highly advisable to pick flowers with specific special meanings. Your wedding is going to be one of the most important and memorable celebrations in your life, and surely you would want everything to be perfect.

For example, roses symbolise love, and baby’s breath signifies sincerity. The combination of both would add more meaning to your wedding bouquet.

Consider the wedding theme and colour schemes

Considering the wedding theme and colour and colour scheme is another important point as it can help you decide the colours of the flowers in your bouquet. For example, if you are having a Great Gatsby themed wedding, white roses would be perfect.

A colour palette or mood board would be helpful here. It includes all the shades of colours you would like in your wedding, from the décor to the centrepieces. If you’re unsure of which flowers would match, you can discuss the theme with your florist. 

Add a personal touch

This is where you add something to your bouquet that will reflect your style and have significance. You can personalise your bouquet by adding family heirlooms like a brooch to the bouquet wrap, or even have shells and starfishes if you and your partner first met at the beach. Transform the ordinary bouquet into a unique one by adding a personal touch!


There are endless options when it comes to choosing your bridal bouquet. If you have something in mind, you can discuss the idea with your florist in Singapore. Here at Nicole’s Flower, we provide many beautiful bridal bouquets that will capture the eyes of everybody at the wedding. Make sure to order in advance so that you can receive your bouquet delivery right on time!