A Guide To Matching Your Bouquet To Your Wedding Event

Sep 01, 2020

After going through months of planning and preparations, your big day is undoubtedly a day of celebrations. Aside from attaining the wedding dress of your dreams, there are many other factors that are needed to complete your look, such as bridal jewellery, wedding bouquet, and the like!

The significance of a wedding bouquet

Before, wedding bouquets symbolises happiness and satisfaction in your marriage. At the same time, the ribbon represents fellowship between you and your significant other. While this may not typically be the case for today, the tradition of carrying a bouquet still lives on.

Now, most brides regard the bouquet as an extension of the dress, that serves to complement and blend in seamlessly to the overall event theme. So, rather than paying attention to how the florals are arranged, we should also take into consideration other factors like the colour scheme! Without further ado, here are three factors to consider if you want your bouquet to blend in well with your wedding event.

1. The shape of your dress

The form of your dress can be a starting point to determine the style of your bouquet because ultimately, your flowers should complement your bridal gown. This is because you want your personalised floral arrangement to accentuate your overall outfit without looking out of place.

Yes, this means picking out your dress before deciding on the bouquet! If you want to get inspired, you can always browse through the net! You also have the option to obtain your flowers online in Singapore. And since it’s your big day, there’s plenty of room for customisation. Here are three examples:

  • A-line dress: Classic and round bouquet

Since an A-line dress is a classic piece that consists of clean lines, the dress should be the one defining the bouquet. You also wouldn’t want your blooms to outshine your outfit, so, a classic and round bouquet makes the perfect match.

  • Sheath dress: Whimsical bouquet

A sheath wedding dress takes after the natural shape of your body while offering long and straight lines. At the same time, it complements your curves, which calls for a whimsical piece of flower bouquet.

  • Ballgown: Giant bouquet

Ballgowns feature a poofy skirt, which adds volume to your natural figure. So, when it comes to ballgowns, one must consider scale. A giant bouquet with a slight cascade would be the ideal choice of bloom!

2. The theme of your wedding

Do you have a colour scheme or an overall theme for your wedding? Your bouquet should be a reflection of them, especially if you already have plans to incorporate fresh flowers around your venue. If so, you can match your bouquet to the flowers in the centrepieces and decorations.

3. Your jewellery

Often, it’s the little things that can make a world of difference. The same goes for your bridal jewellery. Since it adds an extravagant touch, it’d be an excellent idea for the flowers to match them too. After all, they’re both “accessories”! Make sure to maintain the similarity in lines and effects so your bouquet can integrate seamlessly into your overall outfit.


With the ongoing pandemic, your wedding plans this year might have taken a slight turn. While some have postponed their weddings, others might have carried on with their big day, albeit with safe distancing measures put in place. Nevertheless, we hope the tips mentioned above are helpful when it comes to choosing the perfect bouquet!

And if you ever need an experienced florist on your team, feel free to drop us a call. At Nicole’s Flowers, we can create bespoke bouquet arrangements to make your wedding day extra special. As we’ve just transitioned into Phase 2, we’re also available if you’d like to get a bouquet delivery.

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