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All You Need To Know About Candles

The candle trend is not new. And, if you are like many of us who are late for the bandwagon and have no clue where to start, fret not. Here is a comprehensive rundown on everything you need to know about Singapore handmade candles before you go ahead and start buying up a storm!



Choosing the right scented candle in Singapore is something that should be taken very seriously. The right scent or fragrance should be something that you like personally, and not one that is forced onto you by friends or family. The right scent should also go wonderfully with the ambiance of your home or apartment and if you are going for multiple scents, they should complement each other. For instance, if your place is made of bricks, or has a wood theme, opt for a woody scent. If it is open and airy, go for something light. If it is colorful, choose fruity, floral scents. But do not be scared to experiment. How else will you know what you like?



If you have ever seen a candle burn right down the middle and not around the sides, this is known as tunneling. This wastes a good amount of the candle. To prevent tunneling from happening, you should allow your candle to burn long enough to melt the entire top layer of wax the first time it is lit. This is because the wax has a “memory” and it will burn the same diameter it did the first time it was lit.



A candle should not produce black smoke when it is burning. This simply means that the wick is a bit too long and needs to be cut. Simply out the candle, let the wick cool and snip a bit off. If the problem persists, snip a bit more off until there is no smoke.



A candlelight dinner is one of the most romantic things you can do for your significant other. It is simple, cheap and hassle-free. But having scented candles at dinner can be a bad idea if you do it incorrectly. It is important to bear in mind that we eat with our eyes, nose, and mouth. While the food can look and taste good, it can be a turn off if the smells in the environment are foul or simply unbalanced. For example, having a cinnamon or pumpkin scented candle while eating a fish dinner is sure to make things unbalanced. Instead, go for light herbal scents such as rosemary or thyme.



Candles that are used in the home are not like birthday candles. They are not meant to be blown out. While many people practice this, it is very dangerous as hot wax, soot or smoke can easily go flying into the eyeball and cause some serious pain and damage. Instead, invest in a candle snuffer which deprives the flame of oxygen, thereby causing the candle to go out. You could also use an inflammable object to dip the wick into the hot wax. This will cause the candle to go out. Just be sure to straighten it immediately after.