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Aroma Candle

Let our flowers do the talking for you – these thoughtfully crafted hand bouquets will convey a message that speaks a thousand words, be it love, praise or appreciation for that special someone in your life.

Nicole’s Flower is proud to share our brilliant and aromatic collection of scented candles to stimulate relaxation and nostalgia. Our scented candles in Singapore are made by our team of exceptional and gifted candle-makers lovingly, ensuring top-quality candles with the perfect blend of rejuvenating and refreshing essences.

Our scented candles boast a variety of different aromas, ranging from essential oils for aromatherapy to fresh combinations of herbs to elevate moods. Nicole’s Flower strives to cater to a wide selection of olfactory palettes, and we have a wide selection of scented candles to satisfy both casual and discerning customers.

Experiencing Scented Candles

Aromas are often used to stimulate the senses, destress the body and as therapy for the mind. On the best occasions, they can even help us tap into our thoughts and take us on a journey down memory lane. Indeed, aromas are potent catalysts for all manners of sensory experiences.

Most scented candles in Singapore are made from a cohesive blend of organic and synthetic fragrances, with aromas that are harmoniously combined to bring back a particularly nostalgic mood or memory from a time that has long passed. Many dedicated customers stay loyal to our scented candles because we enable them to relive their fondest memories by simply lighting a candle.

The Aromas of Scented Candles

Nicole’s Flower’s scented candles possess a range of exuberant and layered aromas, from masculine and zesty, to feminine and mellow. Our floral scented candles embody the natural and enticing aromas of flowers, basking a room with its scent and instantly turning it into a garden. Sensual-smelling candles infused with aphrodisiacal scents like Vanilla is perfect for intimate evenings with your special partner, while a mixture of dewy and sweet aromas evokes a sense of peace and serenity in you.

For curious customers with adventurous tastes, scented candles with tarty herbal blends infused with floral and fruity notes will definitely hit all the right smelling spots. Sophisticated customers interested in complex fragrances may choose to indulge in rich, oaky, and earthly combinations to satisfy their unique smell palettes.

Using Scented Candles in Aromatherapy

Scented candles have often been used in aromatherapy for their calming properties. It’s been found that when certain scents like fragrant essential oils are incorporated into meditative exercises such as yoga, or even for relaxation purposes in baths and massages, they encourage healing and soothing energy for the mind, body, and soul. If used continually, scented candles may lead users to have a balanced and healthy state of well-being.