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Let our flowers do the talking for you – these thoughtfully crafted hand bouquets will convey a message that speaks a thousand words, be it love, praise or appreciation for that special someone in your life.

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From prom dates to weddings, wedding corsages in Singapore have been around for a long time. At Nicole’s Flower, a brilliant collection of wedding corsages is available for your bridal event. Adorn your wrist or outfit with beautiful floral corsages for an exquisite touch to your wedding dress or outfit.

What Are Corsages?

Originating from the French term, “bouquet de corsage” meaning ‘a group of flowers for the body’, wedding corsages are a small collection of flowers that are worn on the lapel of a lady’s clothing, or tied snugly around her wrist. The men’s equivalent of a corsage is called Boutonnieres and are normally pinned on the lapels of a suit.

History of Corsages

In the olden days, people wore flowers along with their outfits to events because it was believed that it would ward off evil spirits. During momentous occasions like weddings, it was customary for people to have herbs or flowers so they could keep evil at bay.

However, as times changed and customs evolved, corsages started to be worn less frequently and reserved only for special occasions. One of these occasions is prom nights when corsages are considered as a luxury item for a boy to get for a girl while courting each other. Wedding corsages also became an exclusive bridal accessory and featured designs that go in tandem with the theme of the wedding.

As fashion and styles changed, the placement of corsages also changed. Originally located in the middle of a bodice, it has moved to the strap on the shoulder of a dress. Also, with the advent of strapless dresses, corsages are also now worn by tying them to the wrist.

Corsage Etiquette

It is customary to wear corsages on the shoulder strap of a dress, but it is also acceptable to wear them tied on the left wrist. There is no absolute rule to wearing a corsage, but these two are the most common ways to wear them. Also, it would be courteous for guests to acquiesce to a bride’s suggestion for corsage placement if a bride wishes for her guests to wear it uniformly.  

At Nicole’s Flower in Singapore, enjoy the splendour of wearing beautiful wedding corsages, ranging from dainty and elegant, to playful and sophisticated. A corsage is a perfect accessory to have for your floral-themed wedding and can be kept as a cherished and memorable memento for years to come.