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Creative Ways To Apologize To Your Beloved

We are only human, and sometimes we find ourselves hurting our loved ones either with our words or deeds. If you don’t find the right way to apologize and make things right again, it may adversely impact the relationship that you have with your friends or family members. You may regard the mistake that you made as a minor issue, but the one whom you hurt might still be in disbelief that you could do or say something like that to them.

Sometimes, just saying sorry isn’t enough. Going a step further may show the other party your genuine remorse.

Some ways that you can do this is by:

Accepting your mistake

If you truly want to mend the relationship between you and someone else, then you have to acknowledge the fact that you were in the wrong.  You may feel sorry, but if you don’t openly admit your fault, that can make it harder for you to be forgiven.

Send a sweet message

No one would dislike hearing good things being said to them. You can apologize to the person whom you have wronged in the same venue where you hurt them, making it more meaningful. The message doesn’t have to be a long letter; just a sweet and short one that can melt the heart. You might also want to look up poems that will resonate with the kind of message that you want to pass along.

Send flowers

Flowers are not only pretty and smell good, but even have a way of brightening a person’s moods. Sending a bouquet of the person’s favorite flowers from a flower arrangement workshop can do wonders, especially if the other party is a lady.

Accompany the flowers with a note saying how sorry you genuinely are. This may not work for some, but you never know as some may feel surprised and even find it sweet. If the person has a sweet tooth, having an additional box of chocolate together with the flowers and note wouldn’t hurt.

Take them out for dinner or a movie

You can go out of your way to earn their forgiveness by getting tickets for a movie the person may have wanted to see, or by taking them to their favorite restaurant and ordering their favorite meals.

It may be expensive on your part but losing a friendship, or love can be much more costly.

Send a convoy to say sorry

You can hire a group of singers who will surprise the person and sing their favorite song and, in the end, even say sorry on your behalf. Don’t just send the convoy alone, be there with them. Let the person you offended know how much you value your relationship with them. Sending the group alone may make it look like you are willing to spend the money but not the time.

Have a go-between

If the person that you have hurt doesn’t want to talk to you directly, then you can ask a friend or a family member to apologize on your behalf.

Even with all the above ideas, the most important thing is to be sincere in doing so. Avoid repeating the same hurtful words or deeds that will make others unhappy. Be genuinely apologetic and work on being a better person.