Delightful Florals To Usher In A Fresh Start To The Year

Jan 07, 2021

New year is a time for new beginnings, growth, and good cheer! While partying and setting up your resolutions for the year may be some of the things on your agenda, a fitting backdrop is also not to be forgotten!

How lovely would it be to welcome the new year with some beautiful florals in your home, whether you are thinking of arranging them yourself, or calling for delivery. Or perhaps, you might want to send some well wishes to a dear friend or relative. Getting flowers online in Singapore is easy these days – but the next question is, what kind of flowers are befitting of this occasion?

Well, here’s the answer you’re looking for! Read on for some ideas and inspiration for flowers perfect for the new year!

Calla lily

While not technically lilies, calla lilies are bold yet elegant, fitting right into modern aesthetics and décor. Their simple lines and pure white beauty have made them highly popular as a wedding flower.

History has it that during the Victorian times, calla lily flowers depicted the Virgin Mary and the resurrection of Jesus – hence they are often given or displayed during the Easter period. Aside from having meanings of youth and purity, many also associate calla lilies with the message of ‘new beginnings’, making them ideal for gifting during the new year.


Daisies are dainty little flowers that come in a huge array of colours. Originating from North and Central Europe, these sweet blooms have come to be a symbol for new beginnings, on top of purity, loyal love, and innocence.

As such, daisies are well favoured as baby shower gifts. But you could also go with daisies to celebrate a friend securing a new job, moving into a new home, or welcoming a new year!


New Year isn’t just for the 1st of January – here in Singapore, Lunar New Year is also widely observed by a large majority. Peonies are a classic favourite during Lunar New Year, and encompasses well wishes of prosperity, abundance, and good luck. In fact, in Chinese, peonies have a nickname, called the ‘prosperity flower’.

In Western tradition, peonies may also symbolise compassion or bashfulness. But one thing that is without a doubt: Peonies are beautiful flowers that are sure to add some good cheer to your home! Brightening up your new year with these auspicious blooms can’t go wrong!


Now that you have some idea of fitting blooms for the new year, it’s time to take action! You can get them ready for your new year gatherings, or arrange for bouquet delivery to send some good vibes to your loved ones.

Want to add a little quirky fun to your flowers? Why not get a little playful by arranging cut flowers in a champagne bottle – there’s sure to be some lying around from your new year parties! Or you could even heighten the atmosphere by decorating your arrangements with colourful ribbons, or in a coloured vase.

Most importantly, may the blooms you choose fill your home with warmth and happiness for the year ahead!

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