Drying Your Flowers: A Simple Way To Preserve Your Bouquet

Jul 09, 2020

Flowers make the perfect gift for any event. You can always count on bright red roses to impress your partner on your anniversary, or a brilliant sunflower bouquet to brighten up your birthday party. After the event, they make beautiful décor pieces for the home and are an absolute joy to look at. But nothing is worse than watching your flowers wilt because of improper care.

One of the easiest ways to keep your flowers looking good in the long run is by drying them. The blossoms will shrink, and the colour may become darker, but the overall appearance of the flowers will stay completely intact. Besides, a more subtle colour can be an aesthetic choice too! Try drying your flowers with these simple methods.

Air drying

Air drying is the most traditional method for drying flowers. It is completely hands-off, and the results are gorgeous. Here are the steps to creating a beautiful air-dried bouquet:

  1. Remove the leaves from the flower stems.
  2. Tie your flowers together with string or a rubber band around the base of the stems. You can cut the stems if they are too long.
  3. Hang them upside down in an area away from direct sunlight (sunlight can cause the colours to fade). The area should be well ventilated as well.
  4. Leave them undisturbed for a few weeks.

You will know when the flowers are done drying once the petals feel crisp. For extra protection, spray some hairspray or floral sealer over the flowers. This will prevent the delicate petals from breaking or losing their shape.

Using the microwave

This is a much faster method for drying flowers but requires a bit more effort. You are also limited by the number of flowers that can fit in your microwave. Use this method if you want quick results for a few flowers. Here are two methods, one using coffee filters, and the other using silica gel.

Here is the coffee filter method:

  1. Sandwich your flowers between two large coffee filters. Ensure that both of the filters cover the flowers completely.
  2. Put the coffee filters and flowers on a plate, then cover the entire thing with another plate.
  3. Place everything in a microwave and heat it for one minute.
  4. Replace the coffee filters.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 until the flower is completely dried.

Here is the method using silica gel:

  1. Pour the silica gel in a microwave-safe container
  2. Place the flowers in the container and completely cover with the silica gel. Go slow when pouring in the gel over the flowers, so you don’t damage the petals.
  3. Place the container and a cup of water into the microwave.
  4. Heat the flowers for 30-second intervals. Use a toothpick to check if the flowers are dry after each interval. The amount of time necessary for each type of flower can vary a lot, so you will need to be vigilant.
  5. Remove the container from the microwave. Be careful of the hot container.
  6. Leave the container to cool for at least 24 hours.
  7. Brush off the silica gel.


Pressing is a great fuss-free way to preserve your flowers, but the flowers will naturally be flattened after the process. If you are planning to display the flowers without the stems or on a flat surface, then this method is for you.

  1. Get a large and heavy book. Flip to the centre of the book and place a piece of paper or wax paper in it.
  2. Place the flowers flat on the paper, then fold the paper into half, covering the flowers. Everything should fit onto one page of the book.
  3. While ensuring that the flowers are flat, close the book on top of it.
  4. Leave the flowers for 4-5 weeks, while replacing the paper every week.

With such simple ways to preserve your gorgeous flowers, anyone can get the most out of their celebratory bouquets. What’s more, the lovely vintage hues of dried flowers are perfect for bedrooms going for a relaxed, calming atmosphere. If you are looking to get a bouquet delivery for that special someone, you can explore some of Singapore’s online florists like Nicole’s Flower for a wide assortment of fresh flowers. Be sure to try out some of these drying techniques so that their pristine bouquets can adorn your home for a long, long time.

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