Essential Tips To Follow When Displaying Flowers At Home

Dec 24, 2020

Flowers are wonderful, aren’t they? Imagine walking into your home after a long day to see beautiful flowers that can instantly brighten up your mood. Decorating your home with fresh flowers can bring life to the room and make you feel even closer to nature. Besides, flowers can complement your interior design when you choose the correct ones.

The great thing about flowers is that they come in many different shapes, colours, and sizes, which makes it easier to find something that you will love. Many online florists in Singapore can deliver them to your doorstep! While there are several ways you can display flowers at home, it is also vital to follow some instructions to ensure they last longer. Here are some tips for you when displaying fresh flowers at home! 

Choosing the right vase

Finding a vase that is suitable for your bouquet is the first thing you should do. Firstly, take a look at the size and type of bouquet you have. For large bouquets, a classic-shaped vase would be ideal, whereas a cylindrical vase would be perfect for long-stemmed flowers. Cube vases are suitable for short-stemmed flowers, and thin bud vases can be used for bud arrangements.

The colour of your flowers and your interior décor can also help you decide what colour vase to use. You can also get creative and use home items such as cups and watering cans to display your flowers. Doing so can exemplify your tastes and personality.

Where to display your flowers

Although you can display flowers almost anywhere in the room, there are some things to consider to make them look better. Different sized arrangements can look better in different environments. For example, a single flower in a bud vase can look great on your coffee table, but it may get lost and unnoticeable on a large dining table.

Larger displays are best suited for spacious rooms, and smaller ones can be used to brighten up smaller spaces like the bathroom or study desk. Remember, to display your fresh flowers the most beautiful way, you have to find the right place! 

Keeping your flowers fresh and alive         

Nobody wants droopy and dying flowers displayed in their home, that’s why it is essential to take special care of the floral arrangements. Before displaying your flowers, trim the stems and add floral food into the water to ensure that they last longer. It is also important to not leave the flowers under direct sunlight, or extremely cold or hot temperatures.

When arranging your flowers, do not stuff too many into one vase. Doing so might prevent the flowers from getting enough water. If you do not have a vase big enough to accommodate your flowers, you can split them up into multiple vases. Remember to change the water regularly and remove any flower that is dead or wilted.


If you received flowers from somebody recently or just feel like purchasing a lovely bouquet to display in your home, remember to follow these tips! Choose flowers that match your personality or the style you are trying to achieve for your home. At Nicole’s Flower, we have a wide variety of beautiful flowers for you to choose from. Not to worry if you have a packed schedule, we provide bouquet delivery in Singapore too!

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