Floral Gifts: 3 Splendid Alternatives To The Typical Bouquet

Apr 05, 2021

No matter how common it may already be, everybody knows that gifting flowers to someone will remain a timeless and touching act that will remain in human tradition for years to come. And whenever we think of gifting flowers, the first thought that usually comes to mind is a vibrant, arresting, and splendidly arranged flower bouquet.

While that may be fine as is, one can’t help but think that there should be other ways of packaging such floral beauties for gift giving. If you’re one such person, then you’re in luck! As it turns out, florists in Singapore have thought of the same thing and are now offering other varieties for sale.

If you plan on gifting some flowers to someone special soon and are searching for other packaging options, then get to know 3 fantastic alternatives to the traditional bouquet.

Bloom box

If you’d like for your flowery present to last for much longer (and get more value out of them), then a bloom box is the perfect choice for you! By using preserved flowers, such as roses, for the bloom box, your present is guaranteed to last longer than the usual fresh flower arrangement, lasting from several weeks to even months.

By choosing a bloom box, your recipient becomes aware of your effort to go the extra mile by being unique, adding to their delight on top of receiving a magnificent flower arrangement. This advantage not only allows the recipient to make further use of your gift as a decorative element, but it also serves as a stirring reminder of your feelings and the message you wished to convey.

Vase arrangement

Whether your recipient is an avid flower enthusiast or not, they’re sure to appreciate a charming arrangement of flowers that’s ready to enhance any space within seconds. When someone receives an enchanting bouquet of flowers, they’d naturally want to repurpose them to serve as decor for their homes or office spaces instead of just throwing them away. But in doing so, they’re likely to damage or break the arrangement altogether.

When you opt for a vase arrangement, your thoughtfulness is certain to save a lot of time and effort on their part, which is something they’ll surely appreciate. Also, a flower vase arrangement is ideal for situations wherein the recipient doesn’t need to carry the gift around all day. So if you want to send a floral gift directly to their home or workplace, then this arrangement is the ideal option for flower delivery in Singapore.

Flower basket

If you’re wondering if there’s an option that combines all the ideal qualities of the others all into one, then wonder no longer! By possessing both the convenience of a vase arrangement (or bloom box) and the portability of a traditional bouquet, the flower basket arrangement is the perfect option that has the best of both worlds. Gifting a handsome flower basket is not only suitable for a myriad of occasions, but it’s also a refreshing way of brightening up your recipient’s day.

Typically, when it comes to caring for the flower basket, minimal maintenance is required. But if the arrangement consists of mostly preserved flowers, then the task becomes much easier. Thus with its allure and elegance, a thoughtfully-crafted flower basket is sure to impress no matter the place or occasion.


Gifting someone a lovely bouquet will undoubtedly remain a wonderful gesture well into the future. But if you’d like to shake things up the next time you want to gift someone flowers, you can’t go wrong with these three options. Also, the possibilities of packaging flowers don’t stop there, so be sure to ask your favourite florist in Singapore every now and then if they have some new ideas.

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