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Flower Arrangement Workshop

At Nicole’s Flower, we provide flower arrangement classes in Singapore to enlighten you on the basics of fresh and preserved flower arrangement, improve technical skill, and develop your understanding of floral care.

Our intimate workshops are 2-hour sessions each and can accommodate a maximum of 10 people. Topics that are covered in every session are as follows:

  • Basic introduction to floral care
  • Introduction to tools
  • Floral design basics and techniques
  • Hands-on session

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided, and you get to bring home your floral creations from the workshop. Contact us to find out more about workshop schedules. Do note that each workshop session requires a minimum of 5 persons to proceed. Private floral workshops at your location of choice is also possible with prior arrangement.

Basic Introduction to Floral Care

Our floral experts will teach you how to care for your fresh flowers properly, and share tips on floral hygiene, flower storage, care and conditioning of flowers, and also how to maintain your floral arrangements to ensure their lasting beauty. Learn how to handle flowers professionally so your arrangements won’t have any damaged flowers.

Introduction to tools

Having the right tools is essential to creating a beautiful floral arrangement. At Nicole’s Flower floral arrangement workshop in Singapore, learn how to use the proper tools for different purposes in flower arrangement, and also how to manage safety while handling these tools. Some examples of these tools include garden gloves, ties, garden shears, floral scissors, stem strippers, and flower picks.

Floral Design Basics & Techniques

There are many floral arranging designs and techniques that you can learn at our professional floral arrangement courses. Learn the principles of flower design such as Balance, Emphasis, and Harmony and Unity. You will also be taught numerous basic floral designs in floral arrangements, such as Line Arrangement and Mass Arrangement. Additionally, you will be taught the types of flower arrangement, from floral bouquets to table centrepieces, and which arrangements suit an event.

Hands-on Session

At Nicole’s Flower, you won’t only learn floral arrangement in theory. The best way to fully understand the concepts that are taught is to have a practical application of the theories. At Nicole’s Flower floral arrangement workshop, you’ll get a chance to create your own beautiful flower arrangements, with the dedicated assistance from the staff. Let your creativity shine and fashion exuberant and delightful flower arrangements in our workshops.

Misc. Details

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided for every floral arrangement workshop, and you get to bring home your exquisite floral creations from the workshop. Do note that each workshop session requires a minimum of 5 participants to proceed.

Private workshop sessions are also available at the location of your choice, but only with prior arrangement with Nicole’s Flower.


If you have any enquiries, contact Nicole’s Flower at to find out more.