Getting Started With Floral Arranging: 7 Dos And Don’ts

Apr 09, 2020

Flower arrangement is easy, right? Many people think it is simply about sticking a bunch of flowers in a vase.

Well, yes and no! Getting started with flower arrangement is indeed easy – even a single stalk of flower in a bottle can look beautiful. However, there is more to floral arrangement than just finding cut flowers a vase! Apart from the technical know-how of how to care for the cut flowers (yes, there is a ‘right’ way to cut them), flower arrangers often need to have a keen sense of aesthetic to craft a balanced, pleasant-looking arrangement.

So, if you’re interested in delving into this world of artistry, there is in fact so much more to see and learn! To give you a taste of what it’s like, here’s a list of dos and don’ts you can keep in mind when you start out with flower arrangement:

Do trim diagonally

As banal as it seems, one of the first things to learn in floral arrangement is how to cut the stems. Any florist will tell you that the right way is to cut them is at a 45-degree angle, because this increases the surface area for the plant to receive water and nutrients. And, be sure to use a sharp knife or scissors, because a blunt one can crush the plant’s vascular bundles.

Do play with heights

If you’re a perfectionist, your first instinct might be to cut every flower stem to the exact same length. Unfortunately, in flower arrangement, it doesn’t always work that way! Rather, the sense of balance comes from varying the heights of the flowers, as well as making sure the width of the arrangement matches. The height and width of your arrangement should also correspond to the vase your arrangement is in.

Do view your arrangement in 360

Remember, floral arrangements are 3-dimensional! This is especially if your arrangement is to be a table centrepiece. While building your arrangement, make sure to turn the arrangement to give every side equal treatment and placement of flowers.

Do choose your spotlight

Some flowers work amazingly by themselves – think of those 99-rose bouquets, or the bright and cheery sunflower bouquet. But many arrangements also deal a few types of flowers for a more interesting arrangement. When having more than one type of flower, do plan out which will be the highlight of your bouquet. Typically, the larger and brighter blooms are placed first in the arrangement. Then, complement them with smaller, sparser flowers, as well as filler leaves, if you wish.

Don’t overspend

For anyone just starting out in a new art form, they often need some practice before getting up to standard. As helpful advice, we would advise you not to spend lavishly on flowers at the start, as you might mess up a few times before getting it right. Only when you’re confident enough, can you justify spending more on expensive blooms for special occasions.

Don’t neglect placement

While flower placement might not seem to be a part of flower arrangement, it does have bearings on how your arrangement looks, and how it lasts! Consider where your arrangement will be placed, and arrange the size accordingly. Keep in mind to place flowers away from harsh sunlight, drafts, and heat, as these will cause the flowers to age and wilt quicker.

Don’t underestimate colour combinations

One of the most striking features of flower arrangements is their colour palette. If you’re just starting out, a simple monochromatic colour palette is the easiest to work with. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also pair 2 or 3 colours for a more exciting arrangement. The right colour schemes can make or break the arrangement – so choose wisely!

As you might have realised by now, there is more to floral arrangement than meets the eye. To truly appreciate the art and skill behind it, you need to try your hands at it! Why not take some time this week to adorn your home with some home-made floral arrangements?

You can easily order flowers to your home from an online florist, and make your foray into the art of flower arrangement.


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