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Gorgeous Decorations That Add To The Wedding Atmosphere

The traditional wedding has flowers all around, a beautiful bridal flower bouquet, flowers on chairs, massive centerpieces, and so on. But these days there are many brides who opt out of having the traditional Singapore wedding flower arrangement at their weddings. Some do this because of allergies, others simply because they are sick of the norm and wish to do something different.

Whether you are a bride browsing for new ideas or are just curious to see what the alternatives are to the traditional floral arrangement, here is something below that is sure to pique your interest.


Giant balloons are a great idea for wedding pictures and can be a fun addition for guests. They can be used as decor for the reception and can also be incorporated into the actual ceremony. How about putting the rings inside the balloon? Just be careful that your rings don’t float away.


Paper flowers and pinwheels are a great idea for those DIY fanatics out there. Pinwheels are also great if a number of the members among the bridal party are children, and especially if the area is windy.


For winter and rustic affairs, wreaths are the perfect ornament for wedding photos. And, unlike flowers, you can keep them for a long time after your wedding as cherished memorabilia.


There is nothing more annoying than walking around with a bouquet during cocktail hour, especially if it is heavy. How about holding a large bouquet while some long vows are being read? Not exactly fun. Wedding corsages and arm garlands can offer brides a hands-free experience while complementing your wedding dress pretty well.


Bridal clutches are all the rage these days. Plus, you can keep your phone on hand if you want to quickly snap any fun and quirky pictures or videos for your Snapchat story!


For winter and afternoon weddings, bridal lanterns can add the perfect touch. Imagine a candlelit lantern lighting up the sides as you walk down the aisle, how romantic!


Baskets full of fresh fruit are a great idea for summer weddings. Just be sure not to add too much fruit as it will be too heavy. Make sure to also stay away from fruits that can stain such as berries!


Why use flowers when you could use pine cones, cotton, wheat or fresh herbs such as eucalyptus in a bridal bouquet? This shows that you are in touch with nature and are down to earth.


While you may not have ever considered it, there are many brides out there who have chosen to use a hand fan as their bridal bouquet. This idea is especially great for outdoor weddings in the summer months!


Instead of choosing flowers for centerpieces at your wedding, how about some handmade candles? This is especially great for dinner and sets a romantic mood. Incorporating candles into the actual wedding can also be very symbolic. How about marching down the aisle with a candle instead of a bouquet for your husband to light as a symbol of passion?

You do not have to have flowers at your wedding. It is neither a must nor a requirement. There are many creative alternatives out there. All you have to do is be open minded!