Gorgeous DIY Flower Arrangements To Perk Up Your Home

Apr 01, 2020

Staying at home can get dreary after a while, even for the most self-professed homebodies. But one thing you can do is to bring nature closer to you to soothe your nerves and make your home a much more pleasant place to stay in!

Getting a bouquet delivery to your home is simple and fuss-free. From there, you can employ a range of creative ideas to spice up the flower arrangement to display these therapeutic blooms around the home. Looking for a quick home project to brighten up your dinner table or study? Here are some ideas to get you thinking out of the box!

Im a little teapot!”

Got a lovely teapot lying around the house that you haven’t used to make tea in ages? Why not put it to good use by letting it serve as your flower vase? Quaint little pots make amazing vessels for cut flowers, and exude charming, sweet vibes to go around.

If you haven’t got a teapot, a watering can performs just as well too! This bright arrangement with a touch of rustic country style will be perfect for family brunches at home as well.

Tropical haven

Can’t get enough of the tropical, summer vibes? This is a tip for you, then! Use a clear vase, and line the sidewalls with sliced citrus fruits like lime, lemon, orange, or grapefruit. What results is an intriguing mosaic effect that effectively hides the stems of the flowers from view.

When you coordinate the colours of your flower bouquet, you’ll end up with a bright, cheery, summery arrangement! A sunflower bouquet will fit right into the aesthetic. This will be a floral arrangement that’s going to make you feel all better about staying in for another dinner this week.

Show off your bottle collection

Here’s a foolproof trick for those who don’t have the time or artsy fingers to do up a proper flower arrangement by themselves. Get any glass bottle or jam jar and just stick single stalks of flowers in them!

The great thing about this is that there is no actual arrangement needed – and you can split up your bouquet to display all around the home! This tip works great for other arrangements where some of the flowers have wilted and you are left with a couple of stray stalks. The variety of bottles and jars will also lend a touch of character and vintage air!

Simple is best

While many amazing bouquets can be formed using a variety of flowers, you can start simple with just one or two types of flowers. This makes it less intimidating to work on the arrangement, but not any less pleasant to look at!

When working on just one or two types of flowers, you can focus more on finding a unique vessel for the flowers, and pay attention to the length of the flowers. For two flower arrangements, you can experiment with one as the focal flower, and the other type as the filler.

Who says you have to be a florist to make flower arrangements? With just a bit of creativity and patience, you can also enjoy beautiful arrangements right at home! If you find that flower arrangement is an art form that interests you, you could also sign up for workshops in future to pick up some essential skills from the pros.

For now, try out these tips and see what exquisite art you can make with some gorgeous blooms!

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