Here’s How To Choose the Perfect Flowers For Your First Date

Nov 19, 2021

The first date is a thrilling time for any and everyone. The clumsy fumbling actions, the feelings of euphoria, the butterflies in the stomach — and above it all, the nerve-racking desire to look at your best and deliver your best throughout. After all, the potential start of a relationship provides only a tiny window, or otherwise a couple of hours, for you to make a great impression.

Naturally, times are changing, and many Romeos might wonder if bringing flowers to the first date could be too formal, pushy, or old-fashioned. But they’re missing the big picture, and that is — flowers remain one of the best ways to convey the intricacies of your intentions and a thoughtful first step to winning the heart of a special someone.

Believe it or not, bringing flowers on the first date is not a dead concept, and it can be a tenderly sweet gesture when done right. And here are some tips to sweep your date off her feet:

Try to learn of her favourite flower

This step requires subtlety and sleuthing skills. Weave in the topic during your conversations; note it down if your date has mentioned their preferences off-handedly; pick up clues from all of your conversations. If you share trusted mutual friends, reach out to them and ask. It’s crucial to remain subtle, especially if the flowers are meant for a surprise! So, you’re definitely in luck if you’ve known your date for quite a while now and are only just beginning to take things to the next level.

And whatever you do, never ask her directly — this only takes the magic out of the equation!

Aim for the ‘Goldilocks Zone’

Do not give too much or too little — aim for ‘just right’. Go for something low-key but not seemingly effortless, something casual but not careless. For instance, while it might be a bit much to bring a large bouquet of more than fifty red roses to your first date, a single stem could hardly hold much oomph. Amidst it all, it’s essential to select blooms that aren’t excessively expensive, over-the-top or flamboyant — that could come across as rather intimidating.

Pick the blooms that help convey your feelings

What sentiments would you like to convey to her? How do you portray her? What would you want her to feel as she receives the flowers?

Flower meanings can be varied and ambiguous, but some have classic and more traditional connotations. A romantic and timeless choice would be roses, for they symbolise straightforward and perennial meanings. Should you prefer to be subtle or seemingly less forthright, pink roses are a great alternative to the bold and more commonplace red roses.

To go down the road less travelled, you can also opt for various flowers like lilies, which are exceptionally feminine and give off refined and elegant vibes; sunflowers, which radiate a sunny and positive energy to lift her spirits; orchids, which are lovely and wild with a hint of elegance and grace; or tulips, which provide a light romantic touch without being overplayed.

Flower meanings aren’t set in stone, and each flower has its charm and appeal. Pick one that makes you think of her, and in the course of your date, you could explain your choice — that will make for a lovely topic in your conversation.

Have a little bit of everything

Finally, when you’ve mulled over your options and are still undecided over which flower to get, you can always opt for a mixed bouquet instead! A mixed bouquet is also the perfect choice to communicate several different feelings when all words fail or if you wish to take her breath away with a tastefully arranged bouquet.


First dates can be nerve-racking, but you don’t have to be a ball of nerves! So long as your intentions are pure and you have the perfect flowers ready to jazz up the occasion, you’re on the right path for something significant and meaningful.

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