How To Combine Candles With Flowers For The Perfect Wedding

Aug 02, 2019

Your wedding is no minor undertaking.

You have found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, and your romantic tale is finally reaching its happily ever after.

However, the genuine work of planning and arranging your wedding starts here. From accumulating the list of people attending, conveying your solicitations, to conscientiously picking out every single element – having the wedding you have been longing for relies upon a wide assortment of variables aligning altogether.

Lighting has a significant effect on the wedding atmosphere and the general accomplishment of your occasion. For the couple – lighting, style, and wedding flowers make up around eight percent of the overall wedding spending plan.

Handmade candles are ideal to attain a romantic and dreamy vibe at your wedding — but before you begin calculating them into your spending limit, here are some things to watch out for in order to pick the best ones.

The logistics

First and foremost, you will need to choose your candle type. What shape and size will be most complementary to the rest of your wedding decor?

Once you have settled on your candle types, it is imperative to envision the quantity of candles you need for your passageway to light up and enlighten your banquet hall and tables. The number should be compatible with the number of fresh flower arrangements that you are planning to have.

When finalizing your numbers, ponder on your wedding theme and the overall scene that you wish to exude. Are candles going to be your main source of light, or are they simply an embellishment?

The details

Chances are, your candles are there to supplement a wellspring of light, offering both style and adding a pleasant scent.

The handmade candles that you choose should also have a complementary scent to your wedding flowers. This is an essential detail that you cannot neglect. In addition, the colors of your candles should match the primary colour of your fresh flower arrangements.

In addition, do put into consideration your guests’ seating arrangements and how you can incorporate your handmade candles in the table centerpieces.

Are your candles going to act as your focal points, i.e., a stunned group of column candles on a plate, for instance — or are they there to accent and balance out something else?

Ultimately, if you plan to make candles your primary fascination, you will need to ensure that they fill up all the tables. However, if the candles are just there for beautifying purposes – placing a few of them in-between or around focal points on either long or round tables will be sufficient. Both are equally wonderful and stunning.

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