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How To Create The Perfect Romantic Atmosphere At A Wedding

Jul 25, 2019

Flowers are an important part of any wedding. Adding a ton of personality and aesthetic value to your special day – it may be hard to decide which ones to include in your wedding.

If you could use some help to make up your mind – it might be a great idea to talk to a professional in the matter.

There are no short of fresh flower arrangements that you can work withto add beauty, elegance and romance to your event. Here are the most common ones that you can easily recreate at your wedding, but remember – when it comes to flowers, the possibilities are endless!

Use flowers as stunning table centerpieces

Placing gorgeous flower arrangements on the guest tables can make a huge difference in enhancing the entire atmosphere at your wedding. Whether you decide to place them in the middle of each table, or use them as plate decorations – the choice is yours to make.

A good tip is to choose flowers based on both their visual characteristics, as well as their natural fragrance. Choose the ones that are your favourite, making sure that they complement the rest of your decor and overall theme.

Use flowers to create bold focal points

Many couples choose to decorate their wedding with a single, bold focal point, and flowers no doubt do the job to create a huge statement. From flowers arches, flower walls and even flower chandeliers – these are just some of the ways to transform your decor to make them feel a lot more alive.

There are many ways to put your imagination and creative skills to good use –create beautiful patterns on the walls, or frame your pictures using your favourite flowers.

It may be worth hiring a specialist that can help you plan and make the necessary arrangements to tie everything together. Collaborate with your florist to choose the colours and type of wedding flowers that will best fit your wedding theme.

If you are going for a full-on romantic vibe – your best bet might be roses, but you can also go for other uncommon and equally stunning alternatives, completing your masterpiece with handmade candles. Your wedding is a celebration of love and happiness – and your chosen flowers should ultimately reflect that.

Spending a little extra time to think about how you want to use flowers at your wedding now will eventually pay off when you look back on all the beautiful pictures later down the line.

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