How To Make The Most Out Of Your Wedding Bouquet

Nov 16, 2018

Unless you’ve been married or are going to get married, you won’t understand just how special wedding flower bouquets Singapore are.

But, to give you an idea – whole weddings are planned around this very special arrangement of flowers.

Wedding bouquets are that special.

If you’re a bride who, like most, know very little about flowers, it can be difficult to tell a “good” wedding bouquet from a bad one, and as such, you might end up leaving the decision to your florist.

Don’t do that.

Below are tips to help you make the most out of your wedding bouquet:

1. Use Your Wedding Dress As Reference

If you haven’t chosen a wedding dress yet and you’re choosing flowers for your bouquet already, then you’re doing it wrong.

The key to a good flower arrangement for your wedding bouquet is to choose one that complements the style, shape, and detail of your dress. If possible, bring a video of you wedding your dress or at least, numerous photos of you wearing it, so your florist has a good idea of what goes well with the wedding dress that you chose.

2. Go With Seasonal Flowers

While your florist will most likely find a way to get you the flowers that you want on your wedding day, try to be reasonable (and economical) and find a way to incorporate seasonal flowers into your bouquet.

3. Make It Personal

Your wedding bouquet should be personal. Otherwise, you might just get any other flower arrangement or let your florist take care of it for you.

And, no, personal doesn’t mean just choosing flowers that have a personal meaning to you or your spouse. It can be anything else as well. This can be a family heirloom, like a brooch, or something like your something old, new, or borrowed.

Make sure to tell your florist that you plan on adding something though.

4. Take Photos Of It

It’s always nice to have something to remember your bouquet by, so try to have a couple of photos featuring it.

If you don’t mind putting your bouquet down, a good idea would be to put it beside your wedding cake, or on top of a pretty chair.

5.    Choose a Comfortable Bouquet

This is something that most brides tend to forget about. They buy the best-looking bouquet there is for them, and what happens? They end up getting something that’s very awkward to carry, or make them stand up lop sided, or hunch their shoulders.

That doesn’t make for a really good look, especially at a wedding.

Remember, you’ll be holding it all day. Make sure that you talk to your florist and choose a comfortable bouquet that feels like it’s not even there.

Last, but certainly not the least, don’t forget to enjoy your beautiful bouquet. That’s something you worked hard for, after all!

Also, don’t forget, you don’t always have to toss it! You can always keep it for yourself and preserve it.

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