How To Master The Art Of Flower Arrangement

Dec 05, 2018

Blossoming flowers carry with them a beautiful scent and along with their bright and vibrant colours, feelings of passion and warmth. Flowers are a big part of our lives whether we know it or not, be it planting flowers to beautify your garden or having a gorgeous floral arrangement to decorate the home. Regardless, floral arrangement is a delicate art that anybody can easily master and use to add to a lively and joyful aura in any home.

In order to start making flower arrangements, all you need is to unleash your creative side and simply start experimenting with whatever you can find at home or in the garden. If you don’t have access to your own garden or yard, simply purchase some fresh flowers from a local store. The choice of flowers is completely up to you. From roses, tulips or lilies, nature has given us a splendid array of magnificent flowers to choose from.

Before you start arranging the flowers, you have to first choose an appropriate vase. Simply use any that you can find at home or use those creative juices to turn watering cans, old teapots or mason jars into vases. To make your flower bouquet, you can experiment by combining different textured and coloured flowers. However, keep in mind that all the flowers should complement each other so as to avoid a look that is imbalanced and cluttered. Before putting the flowers in the vase, make sure to cut all the stems at a 45-degree angle as this allows the flowers to soak up more water, keeping them fresh for longer. Using the length of the vase as a rule of thumb, cut the stems of the flowers accordingly. It is a good idea to keep the base of the arrangement green as it makes the overall look more elegant. Rather than having a single bunch of stems, let the stems scatter around the vase. Then, add on the bigger flowers to the bottom of the arrangement and the smaller flowers on top, using some greenery to fill in the gaps. Doing so adds more height and texture to your arrangement.

The arrangement of flowers will also largely depend on where you are placing it. For example, if you are creating an arrangement for the centre of your dining table, you need to make sure the bouquet looks symmetrical on all sides. If it is going to be placed on any table or shelf against the wall, the focus should be on the front and centre of the bouquet instead. You could also use these techniques to create a beautiful bouquet for your loved ones, replacing the vase with kraft paper to wrap the flowers in.

To take care of your flower arrangements, always make sure to change the water as soon as it gets cloudy. Ensure that you periodically cut the stems or any withered parts to allow the flowers to absorb more water. The flowers should also be getting enough sunlight to keep them fresh and looking healthy. Keeping all these in mind, you are well on your way to becoming a master of your own wonderful flower arrangements.

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