How To Select A Candle That Complements Your Fresh Flowers

Jul 29, 2020

Fresh blooms not only add a visual appeal to your home, but they can also create a pleasant-smelling atmosphere. Even during Phase 2, most workplaces are still operating from home. So, why not enrich your work-from-home experience with happiness and relaxation?

With the addition of scented candles, you can take the aromatherapy experience up a notch. However, you wouldn’t want your candles to clash against the scent of your bouquets. Instead, you want it to enhance the overall ambience of your home. So, if you’re wondering how, then read on!

Consider the scent families

The scent family is derived from the fragrance wheel, which was developed by Michael Edwards. The fragrance wheel is a round diagram which showcases the various scent families and sub-families, grouped according to their relationship. The four primary scents are floral, oriental, fresh and woody.

Depending on the type of floral arrangement and flowers you have, the scent might not always be as flowery as you imagine. For example, the smell of roses ranges from fruity to tea to musky, and sometimes, it can also be a combination of all these fragrances!

But by identifying the most prominent scent, you can categorise it into its respective scent family.

Type of scent families

As mentioned above, there are four main scents, followed by their sub-families which are usually a combination of the main scents.

1. Floral

Floral scents usually smell like your fresh blooms with a slight powdery note, almost like baby powder! It’s also commonly found in women’s perfumes. The sub-families include the following:

  • Fruity: Sweet and tropical, like peaches and apples
  • Floral: Fresh-cut flowers such as roses and lilies
  • Soft Floral: Soft, powdery and subtle
  • Floral Oriental: Florals with a spicy undertone

2. Oriental

This fragrance family is exactly like what you’re picturing in your head – but in fragrance form. We’re talking about rich, exotic scents such as herbs, spices, or even resin. The sub-families include the following:

  • Soft Oriental: Subdued floral scent with warm spices
  • Oriental: Sweet and cosy, which includes cinnamon, vanilla and musk
  • Woody oriental: Earthy notes with a tinge of sweet and spicy notes

3. Woody

The woody scent gives off a luxurious and warm feel, with a woody, musky and slightly bitter smell. The sub-families include the following:

  • Woods: Aromatic fragrances such as cedarwood and sandalwood
  • Mossy woods: Sweet, smooth and earthy
  • Dry woods: Smoky scents, like the kind you get from leather

4. Fresh

Just like the feeling you get after a nice, warm bath, this scent family encapsulates clear, bright scents! It includes the scents of herbs, citrus and the ocean. The sub-families include the following:

  • Aromatic: Clean and fresh herbs
  • Citrus: Tangy, zesty notes
  • Water: Oceanic notes that remind you of the smell of the sea
  • Green: The scent of petrichor after the rain, or freshly-mowed grass.

Mix and match the scents

Now that you’re more enlightened on the fragrance wheel and the many different types of scents, let’s address the next question on how to combine these different aromas!

Just like the colour wheel where contrasting and complementary colours go well together, most of the fragrance families mix pretty well. Though it’s easier to see it in the circular diagram, we’ll try our best to explain it to you.

Fragrance families that are side-by-side on the wheel complement each other. Based on the list above, the harmonious blend of scent families is like so: Floral & Oriental, Oriental & Woody, Woody & Fresh, Fresh & Floral.

Meanwhile, you can also match it based on the sub-families at opposite ends or by creating a triangle on the fragrance wheel!

After deciding which you like best, you can go ahead and obtain scented candles and flowers from an online florist in Singapore based on your preferred combination of fragrances. If you’re slightly unsure about how the floral arrangement impacts the scent it gives off, you’re always welcome to ask us!

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