How To Spruce Up Your Home With A Few Exquisite Blooms

Aug 26, 2020

Interior design trends come and go with time, but there’s one particular form of accessorising that has and never will lose its allure – floral arrangement. Perfect for any room of your home, and no matter the interior design style, a well-chosen flower arrangement can instantly boost the visual aesthetic of your home.

As with any interior design decisions, one can’t place any flower arrangement in one’s home willy-nilly. Whilst they can easily amplify your interior aesthetic, this is only true if it’s done right. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered 4 ways by which you can introduce flowers into your home.

1. The Hallway Hero

There’s nothing like being greeted by an exquisite display of beautiful flowers as soon as you step into your home. On top of being mere house décor, it’d be a great conversation-starter amongst your guests as well!

As the opening act, opt for colourful flowers to make a statement. For instance, a mix of green and purple hydrangeas, dahlias and guelder roses add to a full bunch that will immediately attract the attention of those that enter your home. To accentuate the beauty of the flowers, opt for a neutral colour or a colour that’s similar to the colour palette of your home. If you’d like to give it a bit of character, vases with unique silhouettes will give you the edge you need, without clashing with the flowers.

2. The Dining Centrepieces

When it comes to flower décor, one of the common areas that many would display them would be on a dining table. If you have a round table, a single centrepiece will suffice. Those with longer tables can opt for multiple vases to accentuate the table design.

If you’re looking to introduce more than 2 vases, you may want to consider getting flower arrangements that come in varying heights to give you visual interest whilst still looking balanced.

3. The Power Of Colour And Texture

By using flowers with the right colour and texture combination, your living space can be easily transformed.  Be adventurous by going for opposing textures to give your room another visual element.

For instance, the sheer volume of a round glass vase full of alliums on a round coffee table will bring scale and texture to the room. The juxtaposing textures – of the flowers and the sleekness of a glass vase and table – is made harmonious if the alliums are of the same colour palette with another set of furniture. If you have a lilac seating, you can opt for purple alliums, or any emerald green or fuchsia pink blooms for that matter.

The first few tries can be a hit or miss, so you may want to consider discussing with your online florist to find the right balance between colour and texture.

4. Less Is More

On that note, it’s easy to get carried away and introduce numerous blooms into your home. Not only are you at risk at having a visual imbalance, but you also risk wasting the flowers, as you can achieve the same impact with just a few flowers. Sometimes, the simplest addition can deliver the best results.

As a rule of thumb, design is all about the details; thus, quality triumphs quantity. A single spiral aloe set in angular vase offers a hint of texture and colour to a sleek and clean-lined arrangement of tabletop accents. Simply placing a single plant on a coffee table as a solo centrepiece can effortlessly produce an eye-catching effect.

With Nicole’s Flower, your options are simply endless. With a plethora of blooms to choose from, you’d be spoilt for choice. No matter the interior design aesthetic, we’ll have the perfect flower arrangement to give your home a visual upgrade. On top of our flower expertise, our flower bouquet delivery service will make your shopping experience a breeze. If you have any further enquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We look forward to providing you with fresh blooms befitting of your home.

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