Incorporate Flowers Into These 3 Desserts That Are In Bloom

Jul 02, 2020

Flowers have the innate ability to instantly make a plate of food look more appetising and appealing. The sight of cuisines with edible floral arrangements also improves mood and a positive attitude!

Even though incorporating fresh and edible flowers into what we eat has surfaced just recently, it’s not a new trend. In fact, using edible flowers and plants in food have been practised as traditions in some cultures. For instance, there is an old tradition of welcoming guests with a small glass of sake and floating chrysanthemum petals in Japan.

While fragrant fresh flowers and tender flower petals are now commonly seen in fine-dining restaurants, it can be incorporated into your everyday bakes too!

1. Pressed Flower Cookies

Are you planning an afternoon tea party or a small gathering? Then these pressed flower cookies would be sure to impress everyone! Thankfully, they’re super easy to pull off too.

All you need is a good batch of shortbread cookie dough and a bouquet of fresh pansies. Remove the stems from each pansy. Then, press the flower petals between sheets of parchment paper with a heavy object for at least 30 minutes. In the meantime, cut the cookie dough out with a circle cutter and bake it in the oven!

While the cookies are still hot from the oven, gently place the pressed pansies on top while petting them down lightly so they stick. The heat of the cookies will bond the delicate petals to the surface. Any type of vibrant-coloured flowers will make the best impact on the cookies! If you’ve received a sunflower bouquet, then you can use the petals on the cookies.

2. Garden Focaccia

Now that we’ve just transitioned into Phase 2 post-Circuit Breaker, we’ve seen many different phases of baking delights all over the internet. From sourdough starters to baking banana bread, garden focaccia is the next project blooming in the scene!

It’s no surprise that these treats are all over social media since these beautiful loaves are a work of art. It starts as a blank canvas of focaccia dough that’s then layered and decorated with a plethora of vegetables! Unleash your creativity as you design your very own flower garden with stalks of asparagus, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and anything else you desire.

Once the tray goes into the oven, the vegetables that bake in high heat will shrink and shrivel – resulting in a wonderful surprise once the timer dings! It makes for a visually appealing and thoughtful gift.

3. Flower Popsicles

April showers bring May flowers. In turn, May flowers bring refreshing flower popsicles!

Beat the hot and sunny Singapore weather with a cold and refreshing popsicle stick. Paired with edible flowers, you’d be able to create a beautiful and cooling dessert! With popsicles, you don’t have to follow exact measurements and ingredients like you usually do when baking.

Fruit, yoghurt and juice make up the majority of this delicious treat. Layer these elements, not forgetting your edible flower petals! Leave it to cool in the freezer for a minimum of five hours, and they’re sure to leave you feeling cool and refreshed on any summer day.


Edible arrangements with fruits, chocolate and edible flowers are gorgeous, tasty and make beautiful gift ideas that’ll instantly put a smile on the receiver’s face. The list of edible flowers is pretty extensive. For a general rule of thumb, flowers of vegetables and fruits that we eat are edible. And if you’re purchasing your flowers from one of Singapore’s online florists, make sure to check with the florist to make sure that the petals haven’t been sprayed with pesticides or chemicals!

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