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Is Flower Arrangement The New Happiness Life Hack?

Multiple researches have been carried out that show flowers have a positive impact on one’s mood and attitudes, and are said to be capable of creating a happy aura in any environment.

Flowers are one of nature’s forms of life and as they grow, the reproduction cycle takes place. The flowers represent life itself – and watching them bloom gives a sense of a new life, new beginnings as well as rejuvenation. Different flowers also signify some form of meaning in life. Like the cherry blossom that represents the transitions in life, a pale pink rose brings about a sense of joy and peach blossoms are a living symbol of long life and generosity.

Not only are flowers a beautiful sight, they can also help induce good memories and feelings and lift a person out of a gloomy mood. The bright colour of a pink lily can remind someone of a dear relative or bring back fond memories of a friendship, or any particular memory of a wonderful time in life one has associated with a specific flower. They have the power to transmit varying emotions through their bright colours and beautiful fragrance, which is why Singapore provides many flowers arranging classes.

The scent of flowers has been found to relieve anxiety, reduce stress and relieve mild depression. This is just one of the reasons that aromatherapy is based on placing floral scented candles in the home. Stress is a big problem for many people and natural remedies like flowers can help greatly reduce that. An example is lavender, which helps improve short-term memory, relieve anxiety and is an excellent companion for relaxation.

Flowers are a natural form of art and can stir up many emotions in a person, which is why engaging in flower arrangement can have a positive impact on one’s mood. A certain combination of odors and colors can have emotional and sometimes physical healing powers. Roses and lavenders can help relieve insomnia and depression. In addition, it has been shown that the sweetness of flowers also improves social behavior. It is said that some flowers such as begonias have aspects of physical healing. When immersed in hot water, it can eliminate headaches and eliminate toxins from the body. This is the main reason why so many species of flowers are infused into tea in order to take full advantage of their healing properties.

According to the scientists at Columbian University, the different tones of a flower have a direct correlation with different moods. Red means love, yellow indicates energy and passion while white brings about a calming effect. Thus, if one were to use the right shades of orange and yellow during flower arrangement, such as tulips or dahlias, it would help create a soothing atmosphere in the room. Furthermore, it has been shown that placing your flower arrangements at work can make you feel happier and hence more productive. So why not try arranging flower bouquets and presenting it to someone special after you are done with arranging yours? It would undoubtedly brighten up their day and is a great way of spreading the joy and happiness of nature.