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Memorable Birthday Gift Combos: Why Flowers And Candles Work

Giving gifts to your loved ones on their birthday is a tradition as old as time. Since you know them well, picking out the best gift for them is as easy as pie. But sometimes, we’re often stumped as to what to give them this year, or maybe in the following year, that you haven’t given to them already.

Gifting them something of the same thing as before might be perceived as a lack of effort or sincerity (unless they explicitly ask for it), and so why not change it up a bit? For example, sending your love through flowers is a tried and tested method that gets your intent across.

Thanks to contemporary technology, one can even personalise as well as send such beautiful gifts with ease using one of the many birthday flower delivery services available in Singapore.

But as we all sadly know, flowers aren’t immortal wonders. The message they carry and the beauty they provide may become forgotten as time passes. Hence, you can’t go wrong with the idea of pairing them with something that will. Read on to know how a lovely bouquet paired with scented candles make an excellent gift.

A One-Two Combo of a Gift

Receiving a gift of flowers is certain to make anyone burst into a smile. From the moment they receive it, the joy they’ll feel will linger at the forefront of their minds and hearts.

As such, it’s no surprise that flowers make one of the best gifts to give. Also, if it’s personalised even further, the recipient will see the effort and attention you’ve exerted to understand how they feel.

The message and sentiments you wish to convey will remain until the bloom’s final day, after which it’s the scented candle’s turn to take up the torch.

The Gift that Lingers

The scented candles serve to extend the lifespan of your gift and counter the ephemeral nature of flowers. Additionally, it also serves as the practical part of your gift package.

If you’re wondering which kind of scented candles to choose, you need to look no further than soy candles. Soy candles, in particular, are easy to make by hand, comprised of all-natural components (soybeans), and thus safer and more environmentally-friendly in comparison to other types of candles that are available.

If you’re curious to know how one can utilise these marvellous ornaments, here are some prominent uses of scented candles:

  • These candles can serve as a natural source of lighting, helping you save energy as a consequence.
  • Once lit, their luminance, as well as the fragrant aroma that they give off, provide an instant change in mood.
  • If your recipient is an aromatherapy enthusiast, or someone who simply enjoys a fragrant scent, you may opt for some aroma candles that they’ll certainly appreciate.

Since its uses are numerous and its lifespan lengthy, your scented soy candles will ultimately remind them of your love and presence in their lives.


One can never go wrong with gifting flowers on someone’s special day. But if you’re willing to go further after the first extra mile, including some scented soy candles is a move you can’t go wrong with.

If you’re looking for a reputable birthday flowers delivery service that also has a good set of soy candles in Singapore, come check out our offerings here at Nicole’s Flower.