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Scented Candles In The Workplace – Why You Should Have Them

How good must it feel to enter your house and be welcomed by the breathtaking smell of a burning scented candle? But, did you know that as wonderful as it is at home, it’s also just as effective when used in the office?

Well, here are a few reasons why you should include scented candles in your workplace.

Scents and Productivity

Motivation is key to getting things done. Needless to say, a motivated workplace is a productive one. However, keeping workers motivated is easier said than done.

You see, when the human body detects a scent, it’s sent straight to the brain to be processed. Our neurons then work to send it to two separate locations. The first one is the olfactory bulb, which helps us to identify what kind of scent we just smelled. The second is the thalamus, which is the part of the brain that handles its motor function.

So, this brings up the question of how we always get so hyped up to get up in the morning as kids whenever we smelled our mother’s cooking from the kitchen.

The same logic applies for the use of scented candles in the office. Rosemary, lemon, and mint are all scents commonly used to encourage productivity in the workplace. This is especially the case in some countries like Japan, where certain companies have begun to circulate lemon and rosemary through their A/C vents to help keep their workers more motivated to work and be productive throughout the whole day. Aside from Japan, scented candles in Singapore are also widely used in both homes and offices to give off a pleasant atmosphere to family members, guests and staff.

Different Types of Scent Give A Different Mood

A lot more goes into productivity than you might think. You can’t just put in a scene made for “productivity” and just be done with it. Just like at home, you have to choose the right scents to cultivate the specific mood that you’re going for.

For example, are you looking to get inspired and get some ideas before a morning meeting? Peppermint or cinnamon or even a combination of both will help to boost your creativity. However, if you need something that can help the office power through a busy day, rosemary would be a better choice. Finally, if something more relaxing and calming is what you’re going for, but not necessarily sleep-inducing, then lavender is excellent for that.

Other Uses for Scented Candles in the Office

The office is home to a lot of people. However, at times, offices don’t smell as good as they should be, and without any scent induced into the office, the person’s smell can stick to the other employees.

But don’t worry, that can be easily solved with a scented candle.

Speaking of solving, scented candles are also a great way to keep any off-putting smell away! Especially after the employees are done eating their meals in the pantry room. Some foods, in particular, will leave an overpowering smell in the office that may last for quite some time. Opening the window to air out the smell may not be effective sometimes, but with the help of scented candles, you can take care of that smell rather quickly.

Of course, at the end of the day, smell is a very personal thing. Even if you like how something smells, you should ask the other people in the first. This way, you know exactly what everyone wants and doesn’t, so you can make sure to get a few types of scented candles that will suit everyone’s liking.