Should You Have Fresh Flowers At Your Wedding?

Jul 11, 2019

The short answer is yes, you definitely should have fresh flowers at your big day.

There is actually a big difference between plastic flowers and fresh ones – and it doesn’t matter how realistic they look; plastic alternatives will never be able to create the same impact that fresh flowers will!

Still not convinced? Here are just some of the reasons why you should be leaning towards using fresh and natural flowers at your wedding ceremony!

Fresh flowers smell a lot better

Nothing beats the natural perfume of flowers. Coming in all kinds of different scents – go for the classic roses, or something more seasonal for a different look and vibe. The smell at your wedding is a tiny detail that evokes plenty of emotion, and is definitely a detail that is appreciated by everyone.

Furthermore, nothing beats having your very custom-made flower arrangements – if you need some assistance, simply sign up for some floral arrangement classes!

They are more pleasant to the eye

People tend to be impressed by real flowers and the way they look, as compared to plastic flowers. They simply bring their own flair of fresh, artistic value and authenticity to any event – enhancing the atmosphere in a simple and elegant manner.

Wedding flowers are the key to a charming wedding – and they provide plenty of picture-perfect memories for that Instagram or Facebook feed. Attracting the admiration of everyone present at your wedding, opt for your favourite flowers, or blooms that hold special meaning to you, setting them up in the best way possible!

They add a touch of romance

What is a wedding if not romantic?

When preparing for your wedding, always try to inspire romance in everything you do. Most guests are interested and attracted by the love story of the couple – and the fun part involves the presentation and celebration of that story.

With gorgeous bridesmaid bouquets made of fresh flowers, combined with handmade candles to enhance the sensory effect – your wedding is bound to be an unforgettable and magical affair for you, your partner, and your guests.

So, now that you have plenty of reasons to use real flowers at your wedding – it’s time to start choosing your blooms and get arranging! Love is definitely in the air!

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