Top 5 Things To Consider When Decorating Your Wedding

Jul 04, 2019

Putting together a one of a kind wedding is no easy feat – many people tend to think that simply matching your wedding flowers with the rest of your decorations is all it takes.

This is definitely not the case.

In fact, every tiny detail is important when it comes to decorating your wedding – and it’s worth paying close attention to every aspect in order to design an amazing and memorable wedding. Here are some precious ideas to consider as you get busy setting up your dream atmosphere!

1. Use fresh flowers

Using fresh flowers can make all the difference when it comes to an impressive wedding. Consider the effect that you want to create – executing it in the form of beautiful blooms.

Fresh flowers have a pleasant, natural aroma that can never compete with artificial perfumes – use that to your advantage. Not only that, they also match with most decor, and add a tinge of elegant romance to any wedding. Incorporate a mix of fresh flower arrangements that is crafted specially for your ceremony, and it is bound to captivate and charm your night away.

2. Choose handmade candles

The advantage of handmade candles is that they can be personalized just the way you want it, i.e., the scent, texture, as well as intensity. They are easy to create, or if you are pressed for time, engage an expert who can offer their assistance and ideas. It ultimately depends on how detailed you want your candles to be in terms of its design and features.

3. Match the colours

Matching colours is one of the easiest ways to begin decorating your wedding. The fun part is, you can match them however you want, as long as they look pleasing and don’t overwhelm the most important elements of the wedding. Colours also play a huge role in making sure the pictures turn out looking fantastic – a fool-proof method is to go for two basic colours and mix it with various other shades of the same colour to create the look that you want. Get creative – adding in your own artistic flair can do wonders to the end result.

4. Make sure everything smells fresh and compatible

All the perfumes and scents used at your wedding should be as fresh as possible. Ideally, they should be intense and compatible with one another. A general rule of thumb is to opt for an appealing, generic perfume and apply them to different corners of the venue.

5. Keep the music going

What would be a wedding without good music?

A wedding is really just a party to celebrate the everlasting love and union between two individuals. Music complements this by making sure that everyone is having a good time, while also bringing in special meaning to the ceremony.

In order to cater to all of your guests, bring in a mix of different kinds of music to satisfy everyone. Hiring a DJ can also help you with maintaining the atmosphere fresh and hyped all night long!

And there you have it! Include all these 5 details and invest in a breath-taking wedding ceremony that you will cherish for life!

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