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Wedding Corsages

Top 5 Tips In Choosing Your Ideal Wedding Corsage

Flowers are a must-have in any wedding set-up. But more than making that gorgeous centrepiece, if you’re part of the bridal party, flowers could also be worn as part of your wedding attire. Wedding corsages, in particular, are sometimes worn as a substitute for bridesmaid bouquets. So if you’re throwing out the conventional bouquets and going for lovely corsages, use these tips to guide your flower hunt!

1. Cuffed or pinned?

Wedding corsages come in two distinct forms: the wrist corsage or the pin-on corsage. Which to choose may depend on different factors such as comfort level and the style of your bridesmaids’ dresses.

Wrist corsages are generally more popular simply because they are easy to wear. It also helps that they are conveniently located on the hand and can be easily adjusted when needed. While pin-on corsages are also easy to incorporate as an extra element of the dress, however, they could snag onto the threading of dresses. This can prove to be troublesome, especially if you’ve secured laced dresses; hence many prefer the former.

2. Consult the colour wheel

Choosing flowers to be incorporated into the corsage can depend on the colour palette of that your bridesmaids’ gowns follow. So have the colour wheel with you when going flower shopping: it can be handy when checking the different shades that complement your bridesmaids’ dresses.

But with that, don’t let the wheel restrict you! If you’re up for a challenge, you could try picking and experimenting with a variation of eye-catching swatches off the colour wheel. Looking for colours off the wheel for that bolder look? Another tip is to consult a professional florist to see if the match is appropriate.

3. Always check with the camera

Many brides feel the need to match the colour of the flowers to the hues of the bridesmaid dresses. But, if the shades are exactly matched, your stunning corsages might not be well captured in photographs.

However, if you still prefer a monochromatic palette, you should try to go for flowers a shade or two lighter or darker than the dresses. Having a variation in the types of blooms chosen can also switch things up and let both the dresses and corsages stand out. If dresses are of different prints and styles, a monochromatic palette could be the way to go.

4. Proportion counts

Tiny blooms can blend in easily and add the finishing touches to your wedding theme if chosen well. But if bridesmaids’ dresses offer a modern and chic look, intricate and lengthy corsages could add the necessary accentuate their look. Another consideration would be to match the body shape of the wearer with the corsage. If there are different shaped girls among the bridesmaids, it might be good to note that larger designs may flatter curvier figures, and smaller blooms may do well for petite girls.

5. Allow for individuality 

If you can’t decide between bridal corsages and bridal bouquets, then have them both! While the style and general image of the corsage chosen should still complement the bridal bouquet, it’s recommended to have a difference between corsage and bridal bouquet. To truly have the corsages flatter your bridesmaids, let the corsages showcase the unique personalities of your bridesmaids. It would help if you also consult their opinions, as ultimately, you’d want them to wear the corsages comfortably and confidently.


Even though they may seem like a small part of the wedding, wedding corsages still help to add that something extra to your wedding party. The thought process that goes into choosing the perfect corsage could also show how much those wearing them mean to you. If you are still stuck on finding one that might suit your wedding, feel free to consult us! With the beautiful selection to match both traditional and modern weddings, here at Nicole’s Flowers, we are sure that you can find something special for your big day.