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Top Reasons To Get A Bespoke Bouquet For A Graduate

For centuries, flowers have been used to commemorate special occasions: from births to weddings, from apologies to congratulations. There are many symbolical meanings hidden within various flower species and different flower colours.

Gifting a graduation bouquet to celebrate someone’s success is a beautiful and thoughtful gesture. Instead of getting the graduate a box of chocolates or a coupon to a music store consider getting them a bespoke bouquet from a local florist. You can also opt for flower bouquet delivery in Singapore, for your convenience.

Here are several reasons why you should celebrate graduation with fresh flower arrangements in Singapore.

1. You Can Personalise the Bouquet

Flowers are nature’s gift to humankind. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and hues. You can customise and include flowers that represent the graduate’s school’s colours or add their favourite flowers.

You are free to personalise the flower bouquet however you want to suit the graduate’s personal taste and style accordingly.

2. It Adds Beauty to Photos

The special graduation bouquet you have prepared for the graduate will certainly add a pop of colour to the photographs that will be taken to commemorate the significant occasion. The graduate will also be able to flaunt the bouquet of beautiful flowers in all of their photos. One example of a lovely and attractive bouquet is the sunflower bouquet.

Additionally, the bouquet can serve as a stunning centrepiece after the graduation ceremony at the celebratory party.

3. Symbolic meanings

Flowers hold numerous symbolic meanings to them. Their colours have different meanings and significance to them. You can personalise your bouquet from a local florist to match the special message you want to convey to the graduate.

Whether you decide to pick a flower that commemorates the graduate’s birth month or a flower that symbolises a moment in their life – flowers have immeasurable sentimental value.

Here are three examples of the different meanings behind flowers. An iris means ‘with compliments’, a carnation means ‘pride and beauty’, a lily means ‘royalty and majesty’ and a rose (depending on its colour) can mean anything from love to gratitude.

You can also include a card in the bouquet to explain the significant meaning behind your choice of flowers, for extra sentimental value.

4. Builds Confidence

After working hard to reach this milestone, it will surely boost the graduate’s confidence when you present them with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for the commencement ceremony and make them feel extremely special.

A gorgeous graduation bouquet in Singapore from a local florist can last for several days. The graduate will be reminded of what they have accomplished each time they lay eyes on the fresh flower arrangement, making them feel proud of what they have achieved.

Purchasing a bespoke graduation bouquet in Singapore will show how proud you are of the graduate, and it will celebrate the new chapter in his or her life. There is no doubt that a beautiful bouquet of flowers is truly a wondrous gift to give to any graduate for their graduation ceremony.