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Valentine’s Day: The Guide To Gifting Flowers

Mar 01, 2019

Almost any other couple out there will be looking forward to Valentine’s Day as it is a day of pampering after all.

But with it happening every year without fail, most couples end up not knowing what to gift their loved on account of the fact that they end up running out of ideas once they reach the 5th or 6th anniversary.

While it may seem like a daunting task, sometimes, the most basic present such as giving a bridal flower bouquet to express your endearing feelings can turn out to be the best present your partner will ever receive because, at the end of the day, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

What Do The Number Of Flowers Represent?

  • 1 flower: ‘You’re my only one.’
  • 2 flowers: ‘In this world, there is only you and me.’
  • 3 flowers: ‘I love you.’
  • 9 flowers: Symbolises eternal love, typically given to someone who you wish to spend the rest of your life with.
  • 19 flowers: Usually for someone you are planning to wait for, specifically for cases when you are chasing after someone.
  • 99 flowers: Have that special someone be aware that you will love them till the day you pass.

Types Of Flowers To Give In Different Stages Of A Relationship

  • Courtship Stage: Give pink roses to convey your feelings by letting the person you have an interest in know how sweet you are of a person, and more importantly get them to see how lovely they are.
  • Relationship Stage: Use pink roses to show how much love you have towards your partner and let them witness your ferocious and passionate feelings for them. You can also pair your bouquet with handmade candles to add a touch of sincerity to your gift.
  • Proposal Stage: Once you have reached this stage, its time to really showcase the full potential of your love to your significant other, either with red or pink roses in a bouquet of 99, 199 or more roses. Like they always say, the more the merrier, and in this case, you will really want to display your genuineness and capture his or her heart.
  • Asking For Forgiveness/Break Up Period: Put together a bouquet of yellow roses to express your sincere apologies for the most recent argument that you just had. Or in a worst case scenario, have a clean separation and move forward.
  • Marriage Stage: Show your undying love that will never fade even with the many years to come with a stunning flower arrangement of dried flowers. You are never too old for a little display of affection.

How To Wrap A Typical Flower Bouquet

What Materials Will You Need?

  • Scissors
  • Eucalyptus leaves
  • 1 Ribbon
  • 19 flowers
  • 3 Sets Of Wrapping paper
  • 3 Cable Ties

Step 1 – Start With The Spiral Flower Arrangement

As a headstart, you can use the spiral flower arrangement method to put your flowers together in a bouquet. Afterwards, add eucalyptus leaves an embellishment and you’re good to move onto the next step.

Step 2 – Adjust The Height & Position

Carefully put some time aside to make sure the height and position of the flowers are rightfully adjusted and placed together. Refer to an image online and check if the placement is similar to the picture or better yet, exactly identical to it.

Step 3 – Have The Flowers Tightened Together Nicely

Make sure the flowers are nicely placed together then using your cable tie, start to tie the flowers together and tighten the grip on it.

Step 4 – Cut Off The Stems

Simply cut the stems in a neat manner and ensure that they are not too short or long.

Step 5 – Start Wrapping

Begin by folding your wrapping paper into half and bringing it together to create the base for your flowers to be put inside. Later on, you can start to create layers using the wrapping paper to create a simple yet elegant look that accompanies the flowers.

Step 6 – Repeat Step 3

Simply use your remaining cable ties to tighten the hold on the bouquet once again.

Step 7 – Complete It With Ribbons

Last but not least, simply use your ribbons to add the final touch and you have a lovely handmade bouquet that is waiting to be delivered to your loved one.

Ever wondered how it’s like to give one of your very own handmade wedding corsages to your partner as a token of appreciation?

Well, you can always start by practising on flower bouquets first and after that, you will be well-prepared to create a masterpiece of a wedding corsage yourself.

Making your own flower bouquet is not that tough, for a more detailed explanation and demonstration on how to create one that will absolutely blow your partner away on your very own.

You can view this video and master the right technique:

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