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Wedding Florals: Which Bouquet Shape Is Perfect For You?

Like all forms of bouquets, wedding bouquets also come in a variety of shapes and sizes! Depending on your vision for your big day, your wedding bouquet could very well offer the finishing touches to your wedding theme.

While many brides choose to focus on the flower types, it is also essential to take note of the bouquet’s shape – you’d want it to complement your venue and dress incredibly well! With that, here’s a look at five popular bouquet shapes to find the right one for you.


Posy bouquets are among the top choices for modern brides. They are primarily small and round bouquets that are easily carried on the hand while walking down the aisle. This shape is commonly used for bridesmaid flowers.

Flowers beautifully carried in this bouquet style are usually seasonal flowers such as tulips and garden roses. A key tip to put together these flowers seamlessly is to trim the stalks to ensure they are of the same length. As the final touch, a ribbon is wrapped around the stems to hold the blooms firmly together.


Similar to the posy bouquet, round bouquets are simply larger versions of it and made of flowers arranged artfully into perfect, spherical domes. They usually comprise of a single type of flower, following either a monochromatic colour scheme or a maximum of two similar shades for that uniformed look. Sometimes, the bouquets are also embellished with jewels between the blooms or on the bouquet’s handle.


Otherwise known as teardrop or trail bouquets, cascade bouquets are perfect if you are looking for a large, statement bouquet to match! Cascade bouquets are specially arranged to hang over your hands and create a dramatic waterfall effect. Long-stemmed orchids or calla lilies are commonly used in these bouquets. The long stalk accompanying the flowers offers the bouquet a bohemian, modern vibe.


Nosegay bouquets are usually minimalistic flower arrangements tightly arranged together with a decorative ribbon. Although nosegay bouquets are commonly mistaken for posy bouquets, there is a significant emphasis on foliage in place of the flowers in nosegay bouquets. As for the flowers typically included in these bouquets, choose brilliant roses or orchids.

This simple arrangement allows for one statement flower to stand out amongst the blooms. If your wedding centres around a specific theme or flower, this might be the perfect choice for you. Although not a fixed rule, nosegay bouquets are usually carried by flower girls and a popular choice for bridesmaid bouquets.


If you are looking for something more rustic than the nosegay but smaller than a cascade bouquet, a hand-tied bouquet may be what you might be looking for! The hand-tied bouquet portrays simplicity at its finest: with flowers packed loosely but secured with ribbon, fabric or even twine. They are also made of a wide array of flowers with stems cut at different lengths giving the bouquet a ‘freshly picked’ garden wedding look.


When it comes to wedding florals, there is no hard and fast rule. Use the above tips to help you explore the different shapes, sizes, and flowers for bouquets before settling on the one that suits and accentuates your wedding look!